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    California Zephyr detour from Omaha to Chicago?

    Hey everyone. I have friends and family that live in a town right on the re-route, and they would love to see an Amtrak train go through town. Is there anywhere I can go to see the scheduled times for the towns? Most notably, I’m looking for times through Boone, both eastbound and westbound...
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    24 hours in Kansas City ~ where to stay and what to see?

    Crown Center (home of Hallmark) is right across the street (as mentioned previously). There is shopping and restaurants there (including a restaurant that delivers your food via a model train-Fritz's Railroad Restaurant), as well as a Lego Land and a Sea Life Aquarium. In the winter-time, they...
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    Women trespassing on railroad bridge in Indiana

    These two women are very, very lucky to be alive. I saw this on a local newstation today, but it happened in Indiana. Sorry about the ad at the beginning of the video...
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    St. Louis, Missouri (STL)

    Since I work in a casino-related business, I'll chime in here. Closest to the airport would be Hollywood Casino in Maryland Heights, and Ameristar Casino in St Charles, both west of the airport. Both run a shuttle to/from the airport to their associated hotels; not sure if they'll take...
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    The Passing of a Friend!

    My sympathies to his family at this sad time.
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    Newton, KS

    I'm reviving a bit of an old post here. Are they any hotels in the downtown area, within walking distance of the train station? Or, that run a 24-hour shuttle? What about taxi service? I need to find a place to hang out from the time the SWC arrives to when I can pick up a car after 8 AM...
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    Las Vegas bus service dropoff?

    No firsthand experience of the actual station myself either, but I lived in Las Vegas for a few years. It's not in the best part of town, but it is near several casinos and hotels, and Fremont Street, which is regularly patrolled by Las Vegas Metro Police and other security. I always felt...
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    Trains coming back to St Louis Union Station??

    I definitely agree that it is unlikely that trains will return on a regular basis. It would be pretty cool to see it used as it was in the past though.
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    Trains coming back to St Louis Union Station??

    <I'm not sure if this is the right category for this or not, so please move it if necessary> I caught a glimpse of this on the local news tonight. Sounds like new investors and management is working on getting trains to stop once again at Union Station. It is a glorious station that deserves...
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    Bike Box For Luggage?

    I'm not sure whether this will help you or not. I've seen many people take bikes, assembled, onto this train. They hop on in Kirkwood, take the train a stop or two west, and ride back. There are no bike racks on the MORR. I'm not sure WHERE the bikes are kept, but I assume they are in the...
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    Integrated Stations

    St Louis. Amtrak, Greyhound, city bus system (Metro bus), and the Metro light rail system are all served from that station.
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    KCY Layover: Storing Luggage

    Most of the lockers downstairs are broken, and, as mentioned, they are very small (if you are able to find a working one). I would ask at the ticket counter and see if they will hold your bags. They do have checked luggage there, so they do have the facilities to store them. I've had them...
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    Connecting to facebook (be careful)

    If you are serious and want to disconnect, go to your profile page at the Amtrak Guest Rewards site. On the right hand side, you will see the option to 'disconnect'.
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    Getting to Kansas City from The Texas Eagle

    I take this train 4-5 times a year, and I've seen it run nearly empty to nearly full, depending on the time of year, the day you're traveling, and what's happening over in Kansas City. I don't think you'll have any problems with bringing on the two bags though. The conductor will normally seat...
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    kansas city MIssouri trip

    As previously mentioned, there is the Crown Center; it is directly across the street diagonally from Union Station. Along with shopping, there is also a Lego Land, Hallmark Visitor Center, and a Sea Life Aquarium. If you go to the Crown Center, check out Fritz's Railrod Restaurant on level...
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    Megabus Crash, I-55 Southbound

    Breaking news, still being updated at this time. A Megabus traveling from Chicago to St Louis, then to Columbia and on to Kansas City, has crashed on I-55 southbound just northeast of St Louis. Sounds like a tire blew out; details are still coming in..... For a link and updates, take a look...
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    Heat Slow Orders

    They are in effect between St Louis and Kansas City as well. Rode west on Monday morning (limit restriction lifted for us after Jeff City, and we arrived in KC only 25 mintes late), and back east on Wednesday (restrictions in effect the entire way; an hour late arrival into Kirkwood).
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    I'm not sure if you're taking the morning run or the afternoon run; I only have experience on the morning run, and I actually board in Kirkwood. I take this train 3-4 times a year. It is a fairly smooth ride the entire way, and the on time performance is very good; in fact, the last several...
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    Great Dome back in Midwest!!

    I stopped by the Kirkwood MO station on Thursday morning and caught some pictures of it. You can look at them here if interested: Great Dome pics One of the conductors thought that it was headed to Callifornia, and thought it was headed that way Thursday...
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    Great Dome back in Midwest!!

    Wouldn't you know it, I'm taking the MORR on the 16th, so I won't be able to catch a ride with it! But, I should be back in St Louis on the 11th, in time to catch it either that night or the next morning, passing through. Thanks for the heads up!