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    Crescent Status?

    What has happened on the Crescent's route? Amtrak train status has been unavailable for both 19 and 20 since yesterday afternoon. Thanks.
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    Booking Error ID: 535S

    I'm attempting to book a round trip on 19/20 for next May and received Error ID: 535S. I suspect it's because I'm booking in 2019 for travel in 2020. It also could be that new schedules are planned for issue before May, but haven't been finalized yet. Anybody run into this before? Thanks.
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    Mississippi/Alabama Service Revival?

    Has there been any further information on restoring service to the central Gulf Coast, New Orleans-Mobile? There was a recent article in our local paper that Bay St. Louis, MS was rehabbing their depot for renewed service. I thought this strange, if not premature. Our congressional delegation...
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    2019 Schedules?

    Have there been any rumors on 2019 schedule updates? I'd like to do a bucket list round-the-country trip and need to consider connections and/or hotels. Sorry if this a duplicate post, but I received no returns from a 2019 Schedule search. Thanks.
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    Crescent Annulled (South of Atlanta) - Trackwork?

    Apparently Amtrak has annulled the Crescent south of Atlanta, at least for January, possibly longer. I assume this due to NS' annual maintenance in that area. I'm surprised there is no mention of this on the Amtrak website. The website merely returns "Sold Out" when I try to book a trip. Anybody...
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    Decent Overnight Near WAS/NYP?

    The Crescent's schedules have become a shambles, So I figure I'd better get a hotel near WAS or NYP. to overnight before going on to BOS and beyond. The last time I went to BOS, 20 pulled into WAS at 1150 (Sched=0953) and I was booked the 1200 Acela. (I figured a 2-hour window was plenty of...
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    Delayed NYP Departures 1/1/18

    What has delayed the departures of 19, 49, and 97 today? Possibly frozen cars in Sunnyside?
  8. H Train Tracking Website

    Does anyone know how to bring up the or website that tracks the train you are on in real time? I have an iPhone and each time I first connected to on a train, a display would pop up containing that train as a dot on the map of its route, also its...
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    Hattiesburg, MS Parking

    Any history on parking safety in the lot across the access road from the Hattiesburg, MS station? (I wanted to post this in the Guest Forum, but being a member, was not allowed. :( )
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    Roomette Charge Recalculated By The Minute

    This morning I booked 20/19 roomettes over Christmas. Out of curiosity I checked again and found that the roomette charge had been increased 58% from when I booked 1-1/2 hours before. I knew Amtrak was using airline pricing algorithms, but didn’t realize that roomette charges would be...
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    Transportation Secretary

    President-elect Donald Trump has chosen Elaine Chao to be his choice for Secretary of Transportation.
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    Why #1 & #2 Delayed SAS/HOS? (7/12/16)

    What caused #1 to lose 3 hours 40 minutes, and #2 to lose 1 hour between HOS and SAS this morning?
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    20 (Crescent) Disruption @ MEI

    Does anyone know what happened to #20 (Crescent) today, 5/14? It departed Laurel, MS (LAU) @ 10:05 on time, but service was "disrupted" before arriving Meridian (MEI), and no postings for Meridian and beyond.
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    Crescent Delays - Tuscaloosa, AL?????

    Does anyone have information as to why the Crescent, both 19 and 20, are being delayed almost daily by over an hour in or around Tuscaloosa, AL? I have reservations in early June with connections at NYP northbound and a grandson meeting me at SDL southbound. I can probably negotiate a Plan-B at...
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    Silver Star Sleeper Meal No Longer Free

    Trains News Wire is reporting that Amtrak is "unbundling" meals from sleeper travel on the Silver Star as a Pilot Program. Amtrak's justification is that surveys indicate more travelers would travel in sleepers if the price were less expensive. So free dining has been axed. Fellow First Class...
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    What Happened Near Tuscaloosa, AL (3/2)?

    Both Crescents, 19 & 20, lost about 3 hours at Tuscaloosa (TCL) today (3/2/15). Does anyone have any information? Did NS lose a freight to the ground? Is there an AU Forum member on board?
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    19 VERY Late - 2/25/15

    Why is the southbound Crescent running almost 9 hours late? It's only approaching ATL (5 PM). Even the Amtrak status maps site ( has stopped logging its progress.
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    Crescent Viewliner Location?

    I'm taking the Crescent in June and was wondering if the Viewliners would be behind or ahead of the coaches at that time. Every time I rode the Crescent 20+/- years ago, the Viewliners were in front and the rides were pleasant. But the few times I rode in the recent past, the Viewliners were in...
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    AAPRCO Mid-Term Activity

    The AAPRCO (American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners) is holding a mid-term activity in Gulfport, MS May 22-25. The special AMTRAK powered train will be passing near my home on a rail line that hasn't seen a passenger train in more than 60 years and I would...
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    NOL/LAX/NOL - Great Trip

    Had a really enjoyable and relaxing round trip on the Sunset to attend my grandson's graduation and celebrate my 75th birthday, all on the same day. In NOL I met Jim Hudson who was on his way to SAS from National Train Day in Philly. We enjoyed viewing the Huey Long Bridge over the...