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  1. chertling

    Luggage question

    I'm taking a trip to NY this weekend via Amtrak. I know you can check bags from NYP to WAS via the overnight regionals, even if you are traveling on another train (I've done that before)... but is it possible to check your bag to WAS from NYP via one of the Long Distance trains? I know the...
  2. chertling

    Three Rivers???

    When riding the Missouri River Runner back from Kirkwood yesterday, I noticed that some of the posters in the Cafe Car were VERY out of date.
  3. chertling

    Transportation Certificate

    I have an Amtrak Transportation Certificate, that was issued to me due to the delays on my recent trip to Washington. I had a few questions for my fellow members on the redemption of it. My neice has been begging me to take her on a train ride... can I use the certificate to purchase tickets...
  4. chertling

    Timeline for Vouchers/Refunds

    Due to weather related delays on my trip to DC last month, I had to get off the Capitol Limited in Cleveland and fly the rest of the way to DC (remaining on the train would have resulted in a missed meeting with my congressman) After I returned, I called customer relations and explainednd they...
  5. chertling

    Diesel Engine on the NEC

    Today, while awaiting a MARC train at BWI, I noticed a single-level Amtrak Consist fly by going south (a few minutes before 11AM). There were no sleepers... not certain whether there was a cafe car or not. But the strangest thing is that it was being led by a Diesel loco. No pantagraph...
  6. chertling

    June 15-19 - SWC, CL, Cardinal, SWC

    As I travel to Washington DC and back over the next few days, I will be using my phone to create a "real-time" trip report in this thread. My Scheduled departure is at 7:35 tomorrow morning... but it looks like this will be in jeopardy. There is significant flooding in central Kansas, and the...
  7. chertling

    Anticipated Delay on 4(13)

    I was just checking for the status of the SWC - 4(13), which I will be boarding Tuesday morning in Kansas City. It seems that 23 hours out, Amtrak is predicting that the train will lose three hours between Newton and Topeka. The site predicts that the train will leave Newton 21...
  8. chertling

    Restocking the Cafe Car - Midwest Regional trains

    I was curious about when and where the Midwest regional trains (specifically, those that don't serve Chicago, such as the Missouri River Runner #311/#316) are restocked. I rode from Kirkwood to Kansas City on #311 on Friday morning, and the Cafe Car seemed to be bare. I went to the Cafe Car...
  9. chertling


    It was just a typo... but since President Obama has signed the bill, it is law... for now at least. Source: Fox News
  10. chertling

    TALGO trains in Missouri?

    Is this the first anyone here has heard of this? It sounds like we may see Talgo trains on the MORR route in the future.
  11. chertling

    AGR Child ticket??

    I'm wondering if I messed up... I bought two tickets for a trip to St. Louis this coming weekend, using AGR Points. The second traveler is my three year old daughter. On-line, I was only able to get "Adult" AGR tickets through and went ahead and did that. I am wondering if there is...
  12. chertling

    Amtrak Whistlestop

    I recently submitted a trip report on my "Hockey Railtrip" this past spring to Amtrak's Whistlestop website... Well, my story was chosen for publishing (and is currently featured at -> Rider Memories) It seems that as soon as I submitted my trip report, I appeared...
  13. chertling

    AGR Mastercard

    I am considering opening an AGR Mastercard and was curious, do balance transfers earn points? I can't seem to find anything in the Terms and Conditions on the card application website that addresses this. Does anyone on the board have experience with AGR Mastercard and balance transfers?
  14. chertling

    BNSF (Amtrak) Depot in Lawrence, KS

    For those of us in the KC/Lawrence Area (I know there are at least three of us on the board!), this may be of interest, especially with the prospects of an extension of the Heartland Flyer to Kansas City. Since this is on a Sunday, I should be able to attend.
  15. chertling

    SWC to Chicago

    This trip started differently than most... Since my mother totaled her car, I agreed to let my parents borrow mine for the weekend. So, instead of departing from Kansas City (less than 4 miles from my house) I departed instead from Lawrence, KS. I didn't even do this when I lived in Lawrence...
  16. chertling

    Points that failed to post... more than 90 days ago

    I logged into my AGR account the other day for the first time in ages... and I noticed that there are a significant amount of points that failed to post over the past year. From my "hockey railtrip" in late March/early April of this year...
  17. chertling

    SW Chief Strikes Pedestrian near Lawrence, KS

    A pedestrian was struck by the Southwest Chief just west of Lawrence, KS this morning. Based on the comments from the Sheriff's Office, if sounds like he will be charged with Criminal Trespassing if he survives. Regardless of the circumstances, please keep him and his family in your thoughts...
  18. chertling

    First Restored Superliner

    Joseph Boardman was in Beech Grove yesterday to unveil the first Superliner car restored as part of the recent stimulus funding. From the picture, you can tell it was a sightseer lounge.
  19. chertling

    Good News for Missouri

    The Missouri Department of Transportation is continuing its efforts to improve service between KC and St. Louis.... most of the 11 rail related projects they are requesting stimulus funding for will directly impact the Missouri River Runner. The bad news is that preliminary applications are...
  20. chertling

    SAS to KCY via Chicago

    Is there any reason why won't allow me to book a trip from SAS-CHI-KCY with a same day connection from the TE to SWC? Is the TE's on time performance that bad that they can't guarantee a connection that involves a nearly hour and a half layover in Chicago? I am looking at booking a...