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    Michigan Central renovation update

    This article has an update and photos of the progress on the renovation of the old Michigan Central station in Detroit by Ford motor company. 'Behind-the-scenes work is done' as Ford puts Michigan Central Station back together
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    Amtrak Station food courts and restaurants close to stations

    The new Hub Hall food court opened at Boston North Station recently. Modern Food Hall, Downtown Boston | Bars, Restaurants, Coffee It gives the station more variety in food options than the busier Boston South Station for now. Anyway, in case there wasn't a central thread before I thought I...
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    Short Consists of Long Distance Trains

    Here is a link to a recent article on the current short consists of long distance trains. Even if you disagree with the author it is good food for thought I believe.
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    Anderson Speaks on Long Distance Trains

    Sounds like train offs may be coming down the pipe to me from his attitude. Richard Anderson Speaks - Long Distance Trains This is a partial transcript from Richard Anderson's speech at the California Rail Summit... Unidentified Questioner - I...
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    Amtrak app train status time zone glitch?

    I've noticed the Amtrak app seems to mistakenly adjust the time zone lately. For instance i am on 49 this morning and upon leaving south bend the app shows the scheduled arrival time in Chicago as 10:45am not 9:45 as it actually is. Likewise if i check the status of every other train it adds the...
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    Amtrak Michigan Line

    I have heard that Amtrak will take over dispatching on the Michigan Line from Kalamazoo to Battle Creek tomorrow in addition to what they already control from Porter to Kalamazoo. If there is another michigan line thread, feel free to merge them.
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    New Chicago Union Station CTA bus transit center

    I saw today that the new CTA Chicago Union Station Bus Transit Center is now open. Even though the routes are the same it should make it a little easier and more straighforward for those wanting to catch a local bus. It is at Jackson and Canal in between the Great Hall and the Amtrak self...