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    What are the most scenic Amtrak routes?

    What are the most scenic Amtrak routes? I want to take a big Amtrak trip next summer and want a route with mountains, lakes, etc. The scenery that makes It hard to leave your room or makes you hang out in the observation car all day.
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    Did Amtrak remove the bathrooms from the Viewliner train roomettes?

    I read a Youtube post that the bathroom part of roomettes was removed from the Viewliner trains. Can someone confirm this or is these only new cars that have been released into the fleet that don't contain the fixtures?
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    Favorite Sleeper car room?

    What is your go-to room when you're in Amtrak sleeper bedrooms and Roomettes? On the Viewliner, mine is the 1st or 2nd rooms. On the superliner, it's lower level room #12. What are yours?
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    Entertainment on the train

    Probably been asked before but besides looking out of the window, what other ways do you entertain yourselves on an Amtrak train, whether coach or sleeper? Watch movies on a laptop? Etc.
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    You eat in your room? Why?

    When I get a sleeper, I like to eat in my room. Not being anti-social just that I read when I eat or watch a film on my laptop and there are too many distractions in the dining car. Do any others like eating in their rooms? Why or why not?
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    How cold does it get on Amtrak Trains

    I'm taking a trip to NYC from CHI and will be on the Lake Shore Limited in the heart of December 2021 in a sleeper. I've been going over and over in my mind what to bring in terms of sweaters or layers or clothes, etc but was wondering if the cars are actually too hot in the fall. Who else...
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    What to bring on an overnight trip on Amtrak in Dec

    Probably been asked this before but what do you typically bring on an overnight ride on Amtrak in December. I'm going from NYC to Chicago on the Viewliner (Lake Shore Limited). I just want to make sure I have everything I need on my trip.
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    Have the Viewliner trains changed their configuration?

    This will be the first time since 2019 I have taken Amtrak. I booked a trip and was awarded Sleeper car roomette room 002. Are the configurations different? Are there new Viewliner trains out there on this line?
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    Best roomette on the Capitol Limited

    I just booked on the Capitol Limited and got a roomette on the 1st level, room#14. Am I bad for keeping it? Should I get a roomette on the 2nd level?
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    How do I get to Niagara Falls from Chicago?

    Niagara falls, NYC from Chicago, IL using Amtrak? Do i have to switch trains?
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    I'd love to take Coach on an Amtrak train BUT...

    I've never taken it before and would like to know... Are there places I can go around the train rather than be stuck in a seat for 18hrs but only one night? How do you sleep? Has anyone slept comfortably in Coach? Do people talk into the night?
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    I have roomette 001 on the Cardinal train Wash-Chgo!

    Isn't that great? Isn't it? The 1st car with only one wall facing the next car and one car across. Cuts down on the noise, right? Or should I splurge and get a Bedroom?
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    The California Zephyr

    I might be traveling by plane to Denver CO and I wanted to take the Amtrak back. I was interested in the 6 California Zephyr which leaves Denver via Union Station at 7:10pm. Can someone tell me about the train? How are the sleepers? Is the dinner menu good? Good scenery?
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    How are Amtrak train cars in Winter?

    I was gonna take an Amtrak to Washington in late January. I'm concerned about heat in the cars, especially the Bedrooms. Has anyone had a problem traveling in Amtrak during winter months?
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    How is Roomette room 6 on the Viewliner Train?

    I recently switched days on my trip and while I had room 11 on the old train, I have room 6 now. Can I expect a smoother ride? Should I not be sandwiched between rooms 4 and 8? Should I expect a lot off noise? This train leaves on Saturday evening from Chicago at 9:30pm and gets int NYC at 6:35...
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    What if you have trouble sleeping on an Amtrak Train?

    I've taken Amtrak a number of times and while at home I leave the radio on because it helps me fall asleep, I can't do that on the train and disturb people. What does anyone else do to get to sleep on overnight or multi night trips? Coach or sleeper?
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    What comforts of home do you do you bring with you on your Amtrak stay?

    Whether a coach seat or staying in a bedroom or roomette, what comforts of home do you bring with you on your Amtrak stay that make it more comfortable? Do you have a certain blanket, pillow, and slippers you must bring? But do you bring certain sleepwear with little trains on them? Are there...
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    Did I get a bad room?

    I modified an existing reservation so I'm on a Viewliner train going from Chicago to NYC Penn Station. No transfers or waiting in a lounge for another train. This is the first time I've ever been on a Viewliner train. I got room 11 by the coffee station and shower room. I'm traveling solo. Is...
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    If I miss a connecting train...

    I will be on the Chicago to NYC trip. I take a Capitol Limited to Washington DC, arriving at 1:05Pm. Then I wait in the lounge for the connecting Northeast Regional train which leaves at 3:55pm to complete the trip to NYC Penn Station. My question is that Amtrak trains get into the stations late...
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    How are Viewliner roomettes?

    I'm thinking of taking a viewliner train from Chicago to NYC. How are the roomettes? I've never stayed in one. Are they really small? How is the sound between cars? Can you hear your neighbor talking?