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  1. GeorgeCaldwell

    Empire Builder trip report

    This was a great trip report. It makes me want to do the journey right now. Thank you!
  2. GeorgeCaldwell

    Newbie from UK

    I think the only actual genuine location was right at the start in LA. I’m not that worried about seeing the locations just want to re-create the trip itself.
  3. GeorgeCaldwell

    Newbie from UK

    Oh wow that is interesting - thanks for posting!
  4. GeorgeCaldwell

    Newbie from UK

    Hi everyone I‘m a bit late to the party as only just found this forum but very pleased to have joined and looking forward to chatting with you wonderful people. My only trip on Amtrak so far was on the Coast Starlight from Seattle to LA and I loved it. Really want to do some more long trips...