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  1. Willbridge

    Thin grey (hound) line

    With the January 12, 2022 timetable, the transcontinental Greyhound line segment between Denver and Kansas City is back down to one daily trip. It had been bumped up to two daily trips in November. What is more remarkable is that Kansas City<>St. Louis express service is down to that same...
  2. Willbridge

    "Upswing" in Intercity Bus reported The fourth quarter report of the DePauw University intercity bus study is out. Good news for intercity bus operators that they report includes the fact that it will take a long time for any new Amtrak lines to get started...
  3. Willbridge

    Capital Corridor changes - 24 Jan 22

    New Schedule Goes into Effect on Monday, January 24th Effective Monday, January 24th, the Capitol Corridor will implement a new schedule that is now available for booking. You can also preview the new train schedule and the new bus schedule. The January 24th schedule provides more midday...
  4. Willbridge

    Oregon Rail Job Opening

    Oregon DOT is looking for a rail program manager. Workday
  5. Willbridge

    Trains sold out on Dec 26th

    I titled this so that others may want to note sell-outs on other corridors. I've been following news of the Cascades corridor since the days in the 1950's when we would take my dad down to Portland Union Station for his monthly staff meeting in Seattle. (Amtrak treated him to a party when he...
  6. Willbridge

    Trip Report: Ticket to Tomsk - 1

    Recently I unearthed notes from my 2010 trip from Berlin to Moscow to Tomsk. The destination is a city known as home of the first university in Siberia. It was closed to many foreigners during its days as a center of laser and nuclear research. It has cultural links with Germany that began...
  7. Willbridge

    Nightjet launches Paris<>Vienna

    Covid threat affects launch: Vienna-Paris night train is reborn, empty | Inquirer News
  8. Willbridge

    Trip Report: Germany in hot summer 2010

    For several times in the 21st century I used a pension in former East Berlin as a base and then made excursions radiating from it. This built on a suggestion by my sister that given my interests I should concentrate on learning a lot about a few places rather than trying to checklist a lot of...
  9. Willbridge

    Fun with revenue optimization

    Having had some experience with fares for transit operations and tours over the years it's interesting to follow fares on Amtrak routes that I'm long familiar with. PDX<>SEA is no longer "$4.95 round-trip - less than a tank of gas!" as it was on Pool trains and Greyhound and Trailways when I...
  10. Willbridge

    Station upgrades - Grand Forks I remember Grand Forks as: 1) Where the local restaurant delivered freshly made box lunches to the NP Winnipeg train (ordered in advance through the conductor), 2) and where the Border Patrol woke us up on Amtrak's...
  11. Willbridge

    Yahoo Finance: Gardner interviewed

    We're seeing 'strong demand' for holiday travel: Amtrak President ( Video interview in NY
  12. Willbridge

    Greenpeace study: rail vs. short-haul air

    Of course, we knew this already... Greenpeace urges Europe to drop short flights, take trains (
  13. Willbridge

    New San Joaquins pdf timetable

    The folder format San Joaquins timetable is out. It has some minor errors and disconcerting format issues but it's the only game in town. ASJ-Timetable-2.pdf ( Now if only Trains 711/718 carried Los Angeles and San Diego sleepers....
  14. Willbridge

    Closely watched railroaders

    In research for my history website I ran into the attached declassified document. It illustrates the East Germans' interest in knowing everything about railroaders who crossed the intra-Germany boundaries. The redactions are items that would identify persons. Abbreviations: SED = Socialist...
  15. Willbridge

    Explaining intercity rail to Sierra Club

    Don't miss this article if you have the need to explain intercity rail issues to environmentalists.
  16. Willbridge

    1975 Intercity Bus Study

    As requested... Here it is, in glorious PDF format. I re-read it and it's interesting to see that a few of its recommendations were adopted. This is an orphan report that was meant to gather information and ideas for consideration in the first ever legislatively-mandated multi-modal...
  17. Willbridge

    Trip Report: DAV>DEN on August 17/19 2021

    Of course, I should mention how I got to my family reunion from DEN first. It was by bus through Montana due to the combination of mudslides in Glenwood Canyon blocking the UP (ex-D&RGW) line and I-70/US6. That triggered off sell-outs and fare increases on the somewhat parallel Greyhound...
  18. Willbridge

    Zephyr interrupted

    Amtrak sent an e-mail alerting reservation holders that they were providing an alternative for disrupted Train 5 from DEN on August 1. I checked and DEN>EMY is blocked in the on-line reservation system from this weekend. When they tell me not to worry, I start worrying.
  19. Willbridge

    BOLT hands off to Mother Greyhound

    BOLT (aka Greyhound) "indefinitely" ends Cascades service: BoltBus, the Affordable Bus Service That Would Ferry Portlanders as Far North as Vancouver, B.C., Has Shut Down Indefinitely BoltBus The Greyhound booking website for July 5th shows that they have added a second GL trip to SEA<>PDX...
  20. Willbridge

    CZ on public radio

    'Here and Now' - the midday public radio news and cultural affairs program from WBUR in Boston - carried a favorable Colorado Public Radio feature, riding the California Zephyr from Grand Junction to Fort Morgan and return. All Aboard The California Zephyr