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  1. KWBud

    Rail in the Keys?

    Sometime in the distant past, an unnamed storm took out the railroad serving the Florida Keys. The rail bed and the bridges were purloined by a road project and most everyone assumed that railroading in the Keys would never return. However there is some thought about bringing light rail back...
  2. KWBud

    Train 92 delay 6/26

    Right now, 6:40 PM, Train 92 is crawling along at a walking pace in Plant City, just out of Tampa. The conductor came on and said it was "due to the weather you see outside the train right now." To me it looks cloudy with a slight drizzle. It hasn't rained all that much for Florida. Anyone...
  3. KWBud

    Snow by the Bucketful?

    For the last couple of years, I have tried to get away and do a train trip in the summer. But it is hurricane season and the logistics of leaving a boat in the tropics at that time of year can pose problems. However, getting away in the winter might be more doable. And I haven't seen snow in...
  4. KWBud

    A different Rail Pass Question

    From the lack of response on my question about the flexibility of the Rail Passes (and a subsequent searches on the topic) I can only assume that I'm more or less locked in to my initial itinerary unless I want to spend big money to change. So . . . If I were to travel 6 segments in 13 days...
  5. KWBud

    Rail Pass

    Again this year, I'm trying to flee paradise and I very much want to do it by rail. I would be leaving Miami, FL and going to Austin, TX and returning. Taking the bus or flying are about $200. The flight is hours and the bus is a day and a half. The trip by train is several days, costs a...
  6. KWBud

    Newbie Question

    This should be an easy question, but I want to be sure I understand the process. It says that if I buy a rail pass I still need tickets. So, I'm assuming that the rail pass does not get me onto a train. So that means that a (say) 45 Day (18 segment) Rail Pass would be good for a month and a...