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  1. Qapla

    Another Auto Train Deal

  2. Qapla

    Pretty cool video of a high-speed train

    Not the point of the video - but notice the cross-arms
  3. Qapla

    Amtrak California Zephyr Crossing Donner Pass - September 2021

    The Roaming Railfan who has kept up-to-date with a number of very good Brightline videos has posted one of the CZ - much of the footage is from his drone with some added footage of a rail yard
  4. Qapla

    Newest Auto Train Deal $29 plus vehicle

    Limited time offer for travel in December
  5. Qapla

    Auto Train fares as low as $9 + your vehicle

    New sale they are advertising
  6. Qapla

    Do we really need HSR for LD?

    It has been mentioned that HSR is needed to bring riders back to Amtrak (or any LD train) - but, is that really the case? Someone linked a video of a trip from NY to LA in another thread. That video makes some interesting observations/points. One of the things the narrator said (starting at...
  7. Qapla

    NIMBYS - Your Thoughts?

    It takes time and money to build any means of travel expansion - that applies to air, road and rail. However, the airports have been able to expand as have the roadways. Rail has not had the rate of expansion as these other methods. While there are various things that impact the expansion of...
  8. Qapla

    What It’s Like Traveling In An Amtrak Viewliner Roomette During A Pandemic - Article on "A Puprle Life"

    This is an interesting article as it covers the good and bad points of Amtrak travel during C-19 What It’s Like Traveling In An Amtrak Viewliner Roomette During A Pandemic – A Purple Life
  9. Qapla

    Got this in today's email

    Today's email from Amtrak included a link to a "new" video about the "enhanced cleaning and safety standards"
  10. Qapla

    No Train to Montreal?

    Not sure if this has always been the case with Amtrak but ... With the increased use I have with Zoom I have made new friends in various places. One of these is Montreal. I was looking at the transitdocs map and found it shows tracks to Montreal So, I went to Amtrak's site to see it would...
  11. Qapla

    Arizona Train Derailment Took place this morning - what a mess Here's another video of the derailment ... this video has some really good shots - it is a really long trains!
  12. Qapla

    Incident in La Plata

    Last night the SWC #3 was held for some time while an odd circumstance was unfolding. I have not been able to find any information today explaining the situation. Anyway, I was watching the live camera feed when #3 arrived. As people got off a rail fan got off with a "V/R" sign and waved at...
  13. Qapla

    Alton Brown went on an Amtrak Rant ...

    Alton Brown has been doing a live YouTube stream show since Covid-19 caused people to stay at home he calls Quarantine Quitchen on Tuesday nights. On tonight's show he went on a rant. It started with people not wearing masks and him saying how he doesn't plan on eating in restaurants, going to...
  14. Qapla

    How do feel about riding "Coach" ?

    People tend to refer to having a sleeper as "1st Class" ... does that make Coach "2nd Coach"? That brings up the question .... what do you think about coach? Do you tend to think of those who ride coach as poor people people who only ride a train for transportation - not for fun not an...
  15. Qapla

    Just now on the Weather Channel

    I have The Weather Channel on in the background while I work on the PC ... they were posting pictures of the weather from various places taken by "in place" cameras like traffic cams - they sometimes credit where the pictures are from and who's camera it is. One of the pictures they just showed...
  16. Qapla

    Amtrak train caught fire near New Hamburg Any additional information on this?
  17. Qapla

    Going from Florida to Toronto for $50

    Too bad I can't go to Toronto in Jan or Feb .... I discovered a way to make the trip for $50 It seems Megabus if offering some "free seats" ... yep, they are priced at $0 I discovered I could ride the Megabus from Gainesville, Fl to Atlanta and from Atlanta to WDC - each with a $0 seat ...
  18. Qapla

    Amtrak Thruway Bus

    Today I saw an Amtrak Thruway Bus turning left at an intersection in Gainesville, Fl - that turn would put the bus on a direct route to Ocala, Fl. At one time the Silvers went through Waldo and Ocala - but that has not been the case for many, many years. This is the first time I have ever seen...