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  1. Chatter163

    Amtrak Dining

    Liability concerns. The suits would tell them not to.
  2. Chatter163

    Do you have to request in advance that the wall be opened when getting the two-room combination?

    Haven't had the pocket door opened in a few years, but when I did, I never requested until I got on board. Good to know for future reference. I suspect that the keys have become few and far between, as compared to past decades.
  3. Chatter163

    Cardinal Questions

    The Cardinal has had the glorified cafe care masquerading as a dining car for sleeper passengers for many years. It was already that way when I rode it in 2004, though it was a recent development at the time.
  4. Chatter163

    Checking up on Amtrak's (lack of) ADA compliance

    Not in this country, not at this point in history they aren't.
  5. Chatter163

    Maybe no cellphone coverage is not always a negative for Amtrak?

    Here we go again…punish, punish, punish. Apparently the solution to all political, social, and economic problems is more punishment. It’s as simple as that.
  6. Chatter163

    Checking up on Amtrak's (lack of) ADA compliance

    Exactly. The member does have a tendency to rant without any real knowledge of internal affairs; I’ve noticed this in the past, about other topics raised in this forum. In this case I do appreciate the zeal for accessibility, which is indeed admirable, but not the black-and-white mindset, which...
  7. Chatter163

    Checking up on Amtrak's (lack of) ADA compliance

    Sorry, but appears to be another emotional rant, not grounded in reality. It tends to to see everything in black and white, without (m)any shades of gray. It seems to want vengeance, as in imprisonment of individuals, and apparently believes that this will resolve a highly complex situation that...
  8. Chatter163

    Roomette question (re sleeping on upper bunk)

    On Viewliners I have slept in the top bunk for the past 17 years, when the idea first occurred to me. I like being able to sit down below, and the top bunk is wider at the head end.
  9. Chatter163

    Moynihan Train Hall

    No, I was last there on 20 and 27 November. I was not surprised to see that nothing had changed from the summer, in terms of what the public could see.
  10. Chatter163

    Moynihan Train Hall

    Must be, as I was there the next day, on the Crescent.
  11. Chatter163

    Moynihan Train Hall

    I, too, was in Moynihan Train Hall last week, and used the lounger, though this was my second trip through there this year. Upon arrival in NYP I simply went up the escalator into the train hall. When I departed NYP, I used the lounge. If you need red cap service, ask at the front desk when you...
  12. Chatter163

    Los Angeles layover

    I stayed at the Doubletree when it was the New Otani Hotel. At the time of this trip (2002), Amtrak Vacations included it as part of its package. It worked very well. I'm sure as a Hilton, it is still up to par.
  13. Chatter163

    On board northbound Crescent now

    On time with the current schedule. In car 2010, #10. Shower didn’t work properly in this car, so I went to 2011, and all was well. Had the French toast, can’t say it was great. Attendant is Alonzo. Boarded in Atlanta, and headed to New York for Thanksgiving with my sister.
  14. Chatter163

    $66 billion for Amtrak

    I don't deny the validity of the factors that you cite, or the assertion that CEOs are particularly protected. However, in my experience, in both public and private sectors, there is a great reluctance to fire employees of various levels, not just management. There are many factors that cause...
  15. Chatter163

    $66 billion for Amtrak

    Sorry, I totally disagree. I'm not sure where this fantastic world exists, where executives are "fired in an instant" in almost any circumstances, let alone 18 months into an unprecedented world crisis of complex political, social, and economic factors. This is hardly a typical situation, or one...
  16. Chatter163

    $66 billion for Amtrak

    Why not to Miami, as it originally was?
  17. Chatter163

    Cardinal sleeper car orientation and lounge car access

    Hardly foolproof. Many, if not most, people now deal with voicemail, rather than a traditional answering machine. Thus, one does not hear the message as it is being left. As for the contacts, I do indeed add such numbers to my contact list; however, there are quite often many such "back of the...
  18. Chatter163

    Sleeper Lounge Access

    Sorry, but that is not evident in your original post.
  19. Chatter163

    Cardinal sleeper car orientation and lounge car access

    The moral of this story is: When you are expecting a call, answer all incoming calls, familiar or not, and regardless of what location appears as the origin.
  20. Chatter163

    Daylight Saving Time

    Really? Your life must be austere, indeed.