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  1. tim49424

    Which crew bases have the best crews & why?

    The OP was asking about crew bases.....not OBS.
  2. tim49424

    Which crew bases have the best crews & why?

    That would be SCD crews, there is no MSP crew base. That being said, I agree 100%! As recent as five years or so ago, the CHI crews were great on the Empire Builder as well. They're now just too new to determine if they're good or not.
  3. tim49424

    Is this an Amtrak engine?

    I had heard about the Operation Lifesaver livery, but didn't have a clue as to where it would be rolled out or when.
  4. tim49424

    Changes to Capitol Limited/Texas Eagle

    Well, I hope it doesn’t have a leaky air conditioning compressor that leaks all of the Freon and renders the AC useless like we had on Tuesday. The temperature in Fort Worth was 80 degrees when the AC finally bit the dust. It got so bad in the sleeper that our attendant gabe us permission to...
  5. tim49424

    Amtrak dining

    I do agree with most of what you said. As I stated before, I was surprised that it tasted good as I’ve had my share of flex meals and they ranged from awful to barely edible. I’ve had my meals in my room and the dining attendant just brought my lunch as I’m typing this. He’s one of the better...
  6. tim49424

    Amtrak dining

    I had them on the Texas Eagle 21 today for lunch and they were better than I expected. I was tempted to get the meatballs for dinner but stuck with the ribs. When I make my return trip north tomorrow on 22, I might try the meatballs at least once. Nothing on flex compares to traditional to...
  7. tim49424

    Changes to Capitol Limited/Texas Eagle

    This happened today as well. I’m currently on 21 and 29 has yet to arrive in Chicago. Obviously a different trainset is being used for the Eagle.
  8. tim49424

    Which webcam is your favorite to watch Amtrak trains?

    On occasion I'll watch the Bangor, MI webcam. It catches the Pere Marquette, the train I take the most. Quite interesting when I'm riding it, watching it simultaneously via the cam.
  9. tim49424

    2022-2023 AGR Card

    More like 2-3 days. I got it today!
  10. tim49424

    Survey Points Club

    I‘ve been a member of it for several years now and had no qualms in signing up. Just be forewarned, you won’t qualify for every survey. To me, it’s worth my time but other AU members don’t agree. Here is an old discussion on the subject...
  11. tim49424

    2022-2023 AGR Card

    Got my qualification notification for Select Plus 2022 in email this evening! My card should arrive in 4-6 weeks…no real hurry as I’m not taking an Amtrak in that time period anyway.
  12. tim49424

    Two ‘Cardinal’ veterans look back at rewarding careers

    I rode with them both three times. They were two of the best in their jobs. I'll miss them greatly and hope for the best for them, especially Mama J, who told me she was going to get married once she retired.
  13. tim49424

    Amtrak service cancellations and restorations (2022)

    I was able to reschedule for 2/16. It’s all good! :)
  14. tim49424

    Amtrak service cancellations and restorations (2022)

    Train 7/27 is canceled for Friday February 18. Just got the notification from Amtrak.
  15. tim49424

    What are the most scenic Amtrak routes?

    Last month, when I rode back east on the Zephyr from EMY-CHI, there was something doing a tour over the PA most of the way. I was told by my sleeper attendant that he was an assistant coach attendant (didn’t know there was such a person but I don’t ride coach on LD trains) who’s worked the...
  16. tim49424

    Diner using wrong room number

    Same happened to me on the California Zephyr last month (both directions). I didn’t have to provide car or room number nor did I have to sign anything.
  17. tim49424

    Amtrak Christmas Gifts

    I don't think I've ever received an actual Amtrak gift, except for last year I got this nice calendar that a friend made and gave me a copy. I've given several, including a picture I had taken of my sister and I on the Empire Builder at the Minot fresh air stop two years ago. I had two copies...
  18. tim49424

    Snow storms on Donner Pass

    I find this situation absolutely amazing. When I did my round trip on the Zephyr end to end, there was very little to no snow on the entire route......none in the area that is being discussed. I left Chicago on the 6th and Emeryville on the 10th. I arrived early on both ends, with very few...
  19. tim49424

    Grade crossing arms removed due to high winds?

    Back in March 2019, I was on the California Zephyr #5 when a "bomb cyclone" hit just west of Omaha and lasted until east of Denver. The arms weren't operating due to winds gusting to 90+ mph. At each crossing where they were usually utilized, the train had to stop, let off the conductor and/or...
  20. tim49424

    The most unusual passengers

    Wrong train, wrong day, but nice try, I give you credit for trying.