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    SWC set out coach KCY to CHI? Crazy demand

    There used to be set out coaches on the SWC at Kansas City, on the EB at Minneapolis and on the Texas Eagle at St. Louis. Makes a lot of sense, surprised they don't do it on more routes like the LSL and CL.
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    Which crew bases have the best crews & why?

    One of my favorite trains in the country that consistently has very nice crews is the Downeaster to Maine. Everyone I know says their cafe car is the best in the country and I've seen the train crew do a very nice job assisting passengers and alerting passengers about delays. Also as a...
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    North East Corridor (NEC) night train and sleeper journey

    You know the crews will show up surprised that the train even has a sleeping car... unfortunately.
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    Expected state of Amtrak for the summer and fall travel season (2022)

    I understand your frustration, what I would do to avoid the bootleg to/from Tampa is simply book a ticket to Lakeland or Winter Haven, depending on where in the Orlando area you're going to. Fort Lauderdale to Winter Haven would only be a 3' 18" ride on the train.
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    Changes to Capitol Limited/Texas Eagle

    Looks like you're correct, can't seem to book a family bedroom on the Capitol Limited. That's a shame.
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    Question about job listing with GEB abbrev.

    They certainly have station agents who would help people with their baggage. The "Usher" position doesn't just mean a position like NYP/CHI where they check people's tickets before going to the tracks.
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    Question about job listing with GEB abbrev.

    I mean there's always a chance they use an extra board agent from Wilmington to cover for Trenton if someones on vacation.
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    CLE to MIA

    Years and Years ago I remember 97 leaving NYP at 7:00pm as they had the equipment make a same day turn, but 97 has been on the earlier schedule for a solid 10+ years. As of now, the only connection is in Washington with the Capitol Limited as the OP noted, which is still a pretty good 2 hour...
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    Amtrak considering shifting Credit-Card Portfolio away from BofA

    Having the card issued by chase would not guarantee that you'll be able to transfer UR points to Amtrak unfortunately, although I'm hopeful they would restore the transfers.
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    Business Class on Coast Starlight eligible to eat in the Diner

    This will be good for PDX-SEA passengers with the 4:00 pm departure from PDX being very popular. Checking for a random Saturday (3/26) a roomette is going for $186 and Business Class for $48. I would consider paying $45 for dinner on a $48 business class fare. Hopefully they wouldn't run out of...
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    Acela 2151 Stalled in Queens

    That makes me think the brakes would not release.
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    Lego Ideas - Avelia Liberty

    Lego has a platform called lego ideas that let you vote on possible future products and there's a pretty cool one on there with the new Acela: It needs some more votes on there to advance, consider lending your support to...
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    Business Class in long distance trains

    Oof, didn't realize they where getting rid of the cafe attendant on the San Joaquin trains, that's too bad. Enjoyed it on my trip in 2019 down to Fresno.
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    Lincoln service speed limit increased

    I've only ridden the CHI-STL corridor once but one thing that really surprised me is how the trains had to pull into a siding and then reverse out. This is the only route that I've ever experienced this on. Have they at least fixed this?
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    Empire Builder accident (9/25/21)

    I would sign up for trip insurance on the allianz website (will cost only ~$20-$30 for a single trip). If Amtrak cancels the CHI-SPK segment you can get the trip insurance to pay for a flight (or even pay for a flight from somewhere like Minot to Spokane).
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    Empire Builder: Chicago => Portland

    I would not consider getting off the Empire builder at Portland to make the drive to the Oregon Coast. The Portland station is in a rough part of downtown without a lot of rental car options nearby. Also the road from Portland to the Coast gets a lot of traffic in the summer time and has a...
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    What is your favorite station?

    You have big stations and then smaller stations. I've used the following larger Stations (which I include since they generally serve multiple trains a day and are in a big city): Boston New York Philadelphia Washington Chicago New Orleans San Antonio Los Angeles Seattle Portland I've used the...
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    L' Enfant Plaza - flag stop?

    If it's on the VRE timetable I would assume you'll be good.
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    $66 billion for Amtrak

    The bill has now passed in the Senate, includes the $66 billion for amtrak:
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    Does Amtrak Have a "Last Mile" problem on corridor routes?

    I would actually say last-mile transit to Amtrak stations has never been easier. I'm about 10 miles from my Amtrak station that has a good sized parking lot that's free, but even if it didn't have parking the rideshare apps (Uber/Lyft) have never made it easier. Throughway routes should be...