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    Lake Shore Limited

    Hi all. It's been a while since I've been here, but it's great to be back, and see that this website is growing more and more. :) I have a general question regarding the train speed on #449 between Boston,MA and Albany, NY. Just simply what is it? I heard that train speeds between Framingham...
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    Buying A "GPS" Handheld

    anyone know where i can find & how i can download a railroad map of lsl and sw chief routes into my gps system??? ;)
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    My Upcoming Trip To Sin City

    Hiya guys & gals, Yay! I'm so excited! March, 08, 2003 is the date that me and my mother will be departing for Las Vegas, NV via Needles, CA. We will be leaving Boston's South Station at 9:50AM, and arriving into Las Vegas, NV at 4:45AM, via a connection with the Amtrak Thruway Motorcoach...
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    what & where?

    what is all this talk about the microsoft train simulator? what is it? where can i download it, and will it cots me anything to download it? still didn't get a definite answer really to how fast the speed limit is between albany, ny and cleveland, oh. did someone say 110? i donno about that...
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    Rough Trackage

    Hi All, Me being from Massachusetts, and reading a tidbit of information that I read the other day caught me at odds. ;) I know that just outside of Chicago, IL, from I think somewhere between Chicago and Naperville - there is what the train crew would call "rough spots" or "rough tracks"...
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    Old Amtrak Schedules

    Hiya All, Just wanted to inquire on how I can read or get some old schdules of Amtraks from the early to mid 90's. Every link that I seem to scrounge up is either outdated, or no longer exists. Is there a place that does have them, and/or am I just not looking in the right spot? :unsure...
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    Superliner I's & II's

    Hey All, How can you tell the difference between a Superliner I or a Superliner II sleeping car, other than by the state names. Is that how you distinguish the difference, with the state names on the side of the rail car, I mean? For me, it's just too hard to tell as I personally have never...
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    More Popular?

    Hey all, Which train do you think is more popular? The California Zephyr or the Southwest Chief? Based upon my "research" of sleeping car accomodations on the chief, at most times of the year, they are very high on that train. But quantity doesn't necessairily mean quality. I think the Zephyr...
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    Some Help

    Does anyone know how I can find out how close the Amtrak depot in Provo, Utah is in relation to where the bus station is there? I tried, but it doesn't seem to understand the directions that I put in for the Amtrak address listed in the National Timetable for their service...
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    Sleeper Prices

    Hiya, Just to keep you updated, today I spent some time trying to do what Alan had suggested and put in specific dates of travel for my planned trip to Vegas via Needles, CA. Problem is my budget is kinda tight when Amtrak asks for $806.00 for a deluxe room between Chi-Needles. It seems...
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    My Trip

    OK, another question- :rolleyes: Why are deluxe bedroom accomodation charges on the Zephyr less than on the Chief in the month of February. I'm talkin' about $250 less!????