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    Niagara Falls Border Crossing Without Maple Leaf Question

    I am setting up my trip to New York via Canada for the fall. While we all hope that the Maple Leaf will have resumed international service by then, I am making my plans at this point on the assumption it won't be back. I am planning on catching the Leaf (64), leaving at 12:17 pm from Niagara...
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    Amtrak IT Strikes Again-Superliner on Lake Shore

    Just went in to explore fares on a November trip and guess what? Amtrak has listed the roomette type as "Superliner Roomette" on the Lake Shore. 🙄
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    MSP Checked Baggage Issue?

    Okay, I just had a weird exchange with someone on the Facebook Amtrak Empire Builder page. Someone posted a complaint that she had been told she couldn't check bags between MSP and GPK and was wondering how to handle her bags. I took a look at, found that MSP and GPK both still...
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    Starlight Schedule Change

    Effective Monday, October 25th, the Stalight will leave LA 19 minutes earlier, at 9:51 am. The schedule is different up through Vancouver, WA: - Burbank -17 - Van Nuys -16 - Simi Valley -16 - Oxnard -16 - Santa Barbara -13 - SLO -24 - Paso Robles -16 -Salinas -9 - San Jose -19 - Oakland -12 -...
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    Meal Service on the Lake Shore?

    I will be taking the eastbound Lake Shore to New York next month for the first time in several years. I know there will be breakfast and lunch, but is there any food service between Albany and New York?
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    When did the rail fare portion on sleepers change?

    Does anyone know when the rail fare for sleepers went from lowest value coach bucket to the second bucket? Bonus for why. It was lowest bucket effectively forever, and it was a surprise to me a few months ago when I found that had changed. I don't want to reignite another discussion about the...
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    Canadian 1x Week extended

    Since I am ticketed in March 2022, I am getting email advisories from VIA. I just got one this morning that 1x weekly service will continue past the previously announced date of October 15th and onboard restrictions will continue. Glad I pulled the plug on my 11/1 trip and hope onboard...
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    50% off Privilege coupon is even better than I thought (and an interesting GST/HST tax fact)

    I had assumed that the 50% off coupon for the Canadian and the Ocean you get with Privilege status was only good for a one leg on those trains. I just booked a round trip Vancouver-Toronto-Vancouver for next spring and they applied the 50% to both legs, which I was not expecting. The entire...
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    Sleepers are not universally higher bucket

    I just made a reservation from Everett, WA to New York leaving Everett on November 3rd in roomettes on the Builder and the Lakeshore The Superliner roomette EVR-CHI was $287 and the Viewliner roomette CHI-NYP was $250. If memory serves, those are lowest or 2nd lowest buckets for each. I know...
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    Stupid Call Center Questions for Select level member.

    I should know this, but I only got Select level because they started counting certain credit card spending levels towards TQPs (I charge all household expenses I can to my AGR card and pay it off every month). So I am new to Select. Is there a Select desk at the regular call center...
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    Track a train no longer tracking Cascades north of border?

    About a week ago I noticed that Amtrak tracking (and which feeds off Amtrak) no longer tracks once the train is much past the Canadian border. Last tracking point is usually around where the train turns north between White Rock and the Nicomekl River. The times into...
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    Anyone know what's up with 516 today (9/11)

    516 is showing a service disruption on and showing not having left on Anybody know what's going on?
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    New Schedule Real Life Performance #2

    Well, pretty much so far so good, at least as far as endpoint arrivals are concerned. Since the schedule change, 2(5) appears to have been the worst performing (latest) at some point on its trip since the schedule change. It got to be over 7 hours down by Rivers, MB and was in Winnipeg in the...
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    Comparison of Vancouver-Toronto Running Times via CN 1961-2018

    On the eve of the first run over the new schedule, I thought it would be interesting to compare the running times over the years: January 1961(source January 1961 Official Guide): Super Continental CN #2/52 Dp Vancouver 6:00 pm, day 1 Ar Toronto 4:10 pm, day 4 Running time: 67:10 2008...
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    New Canadian Schedule Effective 6/26

    While I don't see a big announcement, and the PDF schedules have not been updated, new schedules have been loaded in the interactive schedule tool on the website, and also show when doing dummy bookings. Effective on both the Vancouver and Toronto departures next Tuesday, 6/26, the Canadian...
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    Amtrak's single level midriff bulge. Why?

    I was thinking about Anderson's stated preference for a standard, single level LD fleet in the future, and I was stuck by the design of Amfleets and Viewliners, which both bulge in the middle. Why? I guess a case can be made that the somewhat tubular shape of the Amfleets (direct descendant of...
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    Tehachapi Detour!

    I just got a customer service alert for my upcoming trip on the Starlight. The southbound (at least) will be detouring over Tehachapi 4/27-4/29. I am on the southbound leaving Seattle 4/27, so will detour 4/28. Any one the "UP trackwork" on the Coast line that is causing the detour. This...
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    Canadian Timekeeping - Bit of a Rant

    For the last four years, I've been taking a yearly trip to New York City utilizing the eastbound Canadian and then traveling on to NYC either on the Maple Leaf or flying the next day. Last year, the Canadian was 11 hours late, which was manageable, got me into to Toronto at a reasonably decent...
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    Superliners coming back to SEA-VAC Cascades 510/517?

    I am heading for Vancouver on 10/31 and just got a call from Amtrak that Business Class I had booked would not be available and I would be in coach. The only time that has happened in the past is when they've substituted Superliner equipment on the 510/517 pair. Anyone have any more...
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    11-2 LAX Connection Cut?

    I am looking at booking a trip in the spring, and is no longer coming up with the guaranteed connection between the southbound Coast Starlight and the eastbound Sunset. It will give a connection via the San Joaquin at Martinez and the Thruway bus to LA. This was always a fairly...