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  1. Skyline

    Virginia service expansion

    Good news, at least as it concerns projects held over from the Northam administration. Any insights on Youngkin's views on pax rail in general, as it would affect other expansions within Virginia? I haven't read anything in VA or DC media about it.
  2. Skyline

    Virginia service expansion

    As a Virginia resident, I've noticed the new governor (Youngkin-R) has made a point of reversing some of the priorities of the previous (Northam-D) administration. Is there any word on whether expanded pax rail will be embraced now?
  3. Skyline

    Business Class on Coast Starlight eligible to eat in the Diner

    Once Covid was an issue, I thought Amtrak went credit card-ONLY! For "health" reasons I guess. They didn't want to handle "dirty" cash? Now the opposite is true? Doesn't make sense.
  4. Skyline

    General luggage question

    It is gratifying to read Amtrak's manual, old school method of tracking and transporting baggage is working so well. If I ever MUST check baggage I would do so with more confidence. But I haven't HAD to in over 150,000 Amtrak and VIA miles since 1976. Instead, I learned early on the...
  5. Skyline

    Gas prices where you are located?

    $4.05 for regular is the cheapest this week in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley, up from about $3.85 recently. The high point was $4.19. Under consideration is a temporary tax reduction.
  6. Skyline

    Careers with Amtrak

    I don't have an issue with legalized marijuana for either medicinal or recreational use. However, I don't want anyone whose job even remotely has a safety component to it to be high on weed or drunk on booze while at work. Not even a little bit. That would include OBS and operational positions.
  7. Skyline

    Lower priced Sleeper for single travelers

    My recollection, from the early '70s, was that because the slumbercoach bed -- in sleep mode -- was so narrow that access to the toilet was easier than in a single roomette of the day. But that was 50ish years ago and it's possible I've burned a few brain cells since then.
  8. Skyline

    Lower priced Sleeper for single travelers

    I I loved the slumbercoaches. Wish they still existed. Bare bones, affordable, and not considered first class. There were one-person and two-person configs. They were able to get so many accommodations squeezed into each car by stacking them as shown in this photo. Kind of tight, but perfect...
  9. Skyline

    What scheduling changes would you like?

    An hour or two later for 42, an hour or two earlier for 43. An hour earlier for 29, an hour later for 30. Both suggestions allow slightly better times at Pittsburgh without disrupting other connections.
  10. Skyline

    Markets along existing Amtrak routes with untapped ridership potential

    Plenty of reliable connections to/from Harrisburg eastward via the NEC and Keystone service, so... One additional run Harrisburg to Pittsburgh, continuing to Cleveland where a connection could be made east and west along the LSL route. There is probably a market west of Pittsburgh that would...
  11. Skyline

    Amtrak dining

    For me, socialization -- or at least the opportunity for same -- is a BIG reason why I choose train travel. Since Covid, I've avoided trains not so much about health concerns (tho I have some) but because the possibilities for meeting and conversing with a diversity of folks has been nearly...
  12. Skyline

    Coach passengers in sleeping car rooms?

    A slightly different twist on the same general topic . . . Pax A is solo in a roomette (or bedroom). Pax B is solo in a coach seat. A and B connect in the lounge car, decide to hook up, and A invites B to join him or her in the sleeping compartment he or she paid for. What business is it of...
  13. Skyline

    Radio stations along Texas Eagle route

    True. The right-wing demagoguery on the AM (and sometimes FM) dial definitely dominates.
  14. Skyline

    Radio stations along Texas Eagle route

    Terrestrial radio isn't dying. It's dead. And since tyrants like Clear Channel or whatever they call themselves now, Infinity, Sinclair, et al destroyed good local radio -- it's just as well. Stream. So much more content that you can curate. For local news there are apps for that.
  15. Skyline

    Will anyone miss Amfleet cars?

    My first Amfleet ride was on the long gone Pioneer. It was exciting riding on a brand new type of coach. That excitement didn't last long. The majority of Heritage cars still being used then were better, tho I understand why they were at the end of their long and illustrious lifespan. What I...
  16. Skyline

    Maybe no cellphone coverage is not always a negative for Amtrak?

    Most of the phone communication I need to do on a train or remote backpacking trek can be done by typing. Quietly.
  17. Skyline

    Food suggestions on delayed trains

    I prefer Packit Gourmet meals, sides, breakfasts, desserts when backpacking. If unavailable, other decent brands are Peak Refuel, Mountain House. Be careful to make selections that require the least time and complexity to rehydrate and prep. If you have a long enough spoon or spork you can eat...
  18. Skyline

    Priorities for expanding the national network

    Atlanta > Memphis would potentially allow transfers to/from the CONO as well. Not holding my breath, but could a train that connected the entire state east-west garner support from Tennessee?
  19. Skyline

    Do we need "Long Distance " trains?

    The Skeena works because it is mostly a tourist-populated train. There are probably routes in the US where the same thing could exist, maybe prosper. The key would be heavy promotion as a tourist excursion, careful choice of the intermediate stopover cities and hotel/dining availability (both...
  20. Skyline

    Masks now required even in private room with door closed.

    I have several itineraries involving primarily rail that I can't wait to enjoy. Both Amtrak and VIA. But for me, socialization on board is a big part of the attraction. So I'm saving my $$$ until Covid is in the rear view mirror and it's safe to be social again.