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  1. JayPea

    Lesser known Railroad Museums in small towns

    One in my area is the Inland NW Rail Museum in Reardan, WA, 20 miles west of Spokane. The INRM is a work in progress and features rolling stock representing each of the many railroad lines that crisscrossed the area. There is also a lot of memorabilia in the indoor area including sign boards...
  2. JayPea

    Gas prices where you are located?

    $4.75 here in my SE Washington town, up from $4.49 just a week ago. Here in Washington our gas is going to be a little higher as we have no state income tax, so we tax anything else we can. I typically fill up twice a month, and usually when the tank is half full to begin with, so I don't use...
  3. JayPea

    Hello from Cleveland!

    Welcome to AU! I've lived in the Pacific Northwest all my life (62 years, in SE Washington) and, though I'm biased, think I live in a beautiful part of the country. Hopefully you make it to this area via Amtrak some day.
  4. JayPea

    Redemption Email

    I feel left out. I got no redemption emails. Everybody hates one likes me....think I'll go eat worms.🤣🤣🤣
  5. JayPea

    Covid Mask Mandate for Transportation

    I'd love to see this as well.
  6. JayPea

    Amtrak dining

    I agree here, as one who by and large is not very social. I've been told I'm the type of person who gets lost in a crowd of two, and I can't disagree with that. 😂 Yet I enjoy the camaraderie of the dining car and actually (gasp!!) look forward to meeting new people in the diner. Ordinarily, the...
  7. JayPea

    Covid Mask Mandate for Transportation

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything that Mr. Harris and Ziv said above. I no longer wear a mask anywhere. The rate of transmission is so low in my county that it's negligible, and even within the state of Washington, the new variant of the Omicron variant is very low. I too believe that...
  8. JayPea

    4/12/22 EB Cancellations due to forecast blizzard

    I've always been fascinated by the Laura Ingalls Wilder books, particularly "The Long Winter". Every time I hear about trains being stopped for a day or two, and people complaining about it, (not that anyone here is)I always refer to this book for a bit of perspective. In fact I just bought an...
  9. JayPea

    Seamless fare collection systems in US/Canadian cities in 2022

    I'm not familiar with any transit systems other than the Seattle area's, but the ORCA card works very well. It works with all of the area's bus services as well as the Link light rail and Sounder commuter trains. Not to mention the ferry system, Seattle street cars, and even the monorail. ORCA...
  10. JayPea

    Trains in rural areas

    I live in Eastern Washington, near the Idaho border, and even though it takes less than half the time for me to drive to Seattle vs. taking Amtrak, I take Amtrak. I refuse to drive in Seattle. I'm sufficiently familiar with Seattle's public transit system to get around just fine. On the other...
  11. JayPea

    Gas prices where you are located?

    In my town it's at $4.49, which is what it's been for the last couple of weeks. Our gas here in the state of Washington is a bit higher than some places because taxes on gas here are a bit higher than other places. The most I've paid to fill the tank was around $36.00.
  12. JayPea

    How many stations have same code as the airport? (like LAX)

    Another: Spokane--GEG--the airport used to be called Geiger Field.
  13. JayPea

    Earn 5X Points Promo with AGR Credit Card

    I got the email and signed up just now. Too bad it didn't begin last week; I bought my laptop last Wednesday. Oh well, let the spending begin! 😁
  14. JayPea

    Expansion of the Amtrak Cascades east

    I'd be all in for this. I live an hour from Spokane and the nighttime drive to and from the station for me is the worst part of the trip. Deer and other assorted nocturnal crawling creatures are a constant threat during the drive to and from the station. I'd love a daytime route to and from Spokane.
  15. JayPea

    2022-2023 AGR Card

    I got mine today too. I feel like Steve Martin did in The Jerk when the new phone book came out!!!!😂😂😂
  16. JayPea

    2022-2023 AGR Card

    Got that same email today.
  17. JayPea

    Trip Reports - travels in US: California and beyond

    I've been there a couple of times while taking a guided tour of Los Angeles. Didn't fit in with the Muscle Beach crowd, though. 😂
  18. JayPea

    What Amtrak Routes have you taken?

    Let's see: the Empire Builder, City of New Orleans, California Zephyr, Southwest Chief, Coast Starlight, Pacific Surfliner, Texas Eagle, Sunset Limited, the Cascades, Cardinal, Capital Limited, Lake Shore Limited, Vermonter, Downeaster, Northeast Regional, Crescent, Silver Meteor, Lincoln...
  19. JayPea

    Boston back to Oregon, via the Lake Shore Ltd and California Zephyr

    The dam is there to create a reservoir for water storage to help supply the needs for the city of Denver, I believe. Loved your report and the photos!
  20. JayPea

    New Member from Oregon

    Welcome from your neighbor to the north (SE Washington). Enjoy your trip!