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  1. caravanman

    Trenitalia seeks new night train fleet

    That is one train route that is still very much on my bucket list!
  2. caravanman

    Trenitalia seeks new night train fleet

    ITALIAN state operator Trenitalia has launched a tender to acquire new rolling stock for Intercity Night services to Sicily. Trenitalia seeks new night train fleet
  3. caravanman

    World Record: longest passenger train....

    The test begins: as part of the 175th anniversary celebrations of Swiss railways, Rhaetian Railway (RhB) is making an official attempt to operate the longest passenger train in the world on Saturday, 29 October 2022. The 1910-metre-long train with 100 coaches will travel along the Albula/Bernina...
  4. caravanman

    Suggestions on how to make a tight connection

    Maybe assume that you will miss that last leg in Chicago, and plan now for that? If it connects, all well and good, if not, at least you have a proper plan B in place. ( Better than having that anxiety hanging over the whole trip I think? )
  5. caravanman

    Amtrak footwear requirement?

    I don't know if the rules mention that you need to wear your pants on public transport? Feel free to enjoy your barefoot visits to those Amtrak bathrooms... Yeuk! The thing is that many passengers are first time riders, and most folk "expect" the floor to be solid, not to move under their feet...
  6. caravanman

    California Zephyr reservations

    Welcome to the forum, Rizla Ronny. In light of your "name", I will point out that Amtrak trains are non smoking, but there are some extended stops where one can stand out on the platform for a smoke. Feel free to ask any Amtrak questions that you need to...
  7. caravanman

    Question about cross-country train trip

    The main thing to look out for with the rail pass is that each time you board a new "vehicle" it counts as a "segment" of the pass. For example, a trip from Denver to Emeryville on the Zephyr is one segment. If you continue on into San Francisco itself by Amtrak bus, that uses two segments...
  8. caravanman

    Texas Eagle 422 from Los Angeles on 6/22, arrives San Antonio after 22 departs?

    My very first Amtrak adventure was interrupted by the Eastbound Sunset not connecting with the Texas Eagle. Back in 2004, we were put on a bus to catch up and connect, I think in Dallas? I remember being astonished that a bus was faster than a train in America. (I soon got used to that...
  9. caravanman

    Environmental Research paper help: Could we extend the Auto-Train to Chicago, Boston, Montreal and New York?

    If the world is wedded to a global warming fuel strategy, for reasons best known to oil and coal producing and consuming countries, so be it. I just felt that more Auto Trains are reinforcing the present day silly trends. Why not instead start to create that "missing infrastructure" ?
  10. caravanman

    Environmental Research paper help: Could we extend the Auto-Train to Chicago, Boston, Montreal and New York?

    Trying to discuss green issues with someone of your mindset is a waste of my time.
  11. caravanman

    Environmental Research paper help: Could we extend the Auto-Train to Chicago, Boston, Montreal and New York?

    If folk are desperate to have their own vehicles with them at all costs, then the auto train is better than driving. If it were cheap and easy to rent an electric vehicle, as a national carbon reducing strategy, that would seem to be better? Of course, improved "joined up" public transport...
  12. caravanman

    Environmental Research paper help: Could we extend the Auto-Train to Chicago, Boston, Montreal and New York?

    I guess you have to write a paper on the chosen subject, but is not the whole idea of "taking your auto on the train" a bit non environmentally sound? A better concept might be for passengers to ride in the train, and rent an electric vehicle at a sensible cost at the destination? A national...
  13. caravanman

    USA Rail strike?

    I have no idea how this stuff works in America, hence my concern to read of a rail strike in 90 days...
  14. caravanman

    USA Rail strike?

    NMB Starts Clock Toward Rail Shutdown: NMB Starts Clock Toward Rail Shutdown - Railway Age
  15. caravanman

    USA Rail strike?

    Yes, several days of disruption. It's not the drivers (engineers) who are on strike, but their higher pay levels are used by the media to say how selfish the highly paid rail workers are...
  16. caravanman

    USA Rail strike?

    On a UK railfans website there is discussion about a potential USA rail strike of freight operations around 90 days from now. Given that Amtrak runs over freight lines, outside of the NEC, is there potential for Amtrak disruption too? I am thinking signal workers, track maintenance, etc?
  17. caravanman

    Why didn't he take Acela?

    Maybe he had read all the negative comments made over and over again about Amtrak on AU? The same folk seem to enjoy rubbishing Amtrak service in each post, over and over again? Maybe the gripes are justified, but any first time rider reading all our "expert" AU wisdom would just assume "no...
  18. caravanman

    Searching for rooms on a route with no particular departure date

    As others have said, it is just a case of looking date by date. You soon get a feel of prices. Since Covid, rooms are more in demand. Best advice is to decide what is the most you are prepared to pay, and just go for it, if you find that price. Hunting for potentially non existing lowest bucket...
  19. caravanman

    Los Angeles - Las Vegas Bus

    It is probably common knowledge, but the bus from LA to Las Vegas was a Greyhound bus service when I used it. Is it possible to book that via Greyhound, if they still run via the Amtrak station?
  20. caravanman

    LIRR Service to Grand Central

    Will the station "below" Grand Central have a separate entrance, or will passengers use the Grand Central entrance hall? I would like to take a train from Grand Central one day!