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  1. Ragman

    Motivation for traveling by train?

    Two points..... 1. The journey is as much of my vacation as is the destination. 2. I keep hearing "train travel costs so much more than driving". Does it really!, I don't think so. After factoring in cost of lodging and food, a recent self analysis determined train travel to be the better deal.
  2. Ragman

    What does your Forum User Name mean?

    Entrepreneurship at it's finest.
  3. Ragman

    Lower priced Sleeper for single travelers

    I just looked at the Wikipedia page about it. Interesting concept..... I would consider it if it was still around.
  4. Ragman

    What does your Forum User Name mean?

    I used to be in the linen/towel/aprin rental business. When I walked into a restaurant/bar to make a delivery, I would announce "Ragman!" as an indicator to collect all soiled items for my pickup.