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    Hurricane Ida - 08/2021

    Not any time soon :(
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    Worst Amtrak Station?

    Tampa, yes, very “seedy.” Kissimmee? No! It’s right in the middle of “downtown” and it’s completely safe. [Edited to add a “fun fact” …] I live in view of the Kissimmee Amtrak station and get to see the four daily Silvers pass through. Two of them (97/98) are scheduled over a 25-minute period...
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    RPA: Developing New Amtrak Corridors Presentation

    LOL. Columbus GA will *never* see rail service again, no matter what. In fact, this city has just about dried up and turned into Thug Central, last time I was there (2020.)
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    Crescent schedule change - first time in 50 years!

    What a huge discovery, effective June 6. The Crescent now arrives New Orleans about 1h 40m later than the past umpteen years, and departs 2h 15m later the next morning out of New Orleans. I noticed Atlanta (where I lived during my "party" years) now gets a better schedule northbound (doesn't...
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    Amtrak goes straight to STB to restore Gulf Coast service.

    Frankly, I just don't see the service being restored, much as I would like to see it come back. Did I read that the governor of Alabama said she was opposed to it? Or liked the idea but wasn't going to throw any money at it? I've been watching everything about this route ever since it was...