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    Is Amtrak cancelling the 421 Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited route?

    So I took this trip last year on The Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited, from Los Angeles to Fort Worth, and there's a possibility I might take it again. When I went to go check pricing, all trips for this train (422) are showing up as cancelled or not bookable. The train was technically the Sunset...
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    "Lunch isn't included" (in fare on 21 from Fort Worth)?

    So I just got on the southbound Texas Eagle, Train 21, in Fort Worth. It got here fairly early at around 12:45. I have sleeping accommodations and headed to the Diner for lunch. I asked to be seated and the attendant asked me if I just got on. I stated yes, and he told me "Lunch isn't included...
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    What happened to CDTX 2051 and 2052?

    These two locomotives still have the old Amtrak CA "Arrows" logo and have seemingly disappeared. Are they still active..?
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    Amtrak Siemens Charger locomotive (SC44, ALC42, ALC42E)

    It looks like Siemens has released what the Charger will look like in a model. They did the same thing with the ACS-64. See here: They also did the same thing with the ACS-64...