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    Do current Acela trainsets have USB ports in Business Class?

    Do current Acela trainsets have USB ports in Business Class?
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    Boarding Acela at a station later than the one ticketed

    We'll be traveling on Acela in February from New York to Boston. We're not sure if we'll want to board at NY Penn Station or at Stamford, CT. and we probably won't know which until a day or so before the trip. The fare from NYP is only marginally higher than the fare from Stamford. If we buy...
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    New York Penn Station/Moynihan Train Hall entrances and exits

    There used to be an entrance into the station from 31st Street, mid block between 7th and 8th Avenues, is that still there? We've used it in the past when returning a rental car to the Avis office right across 31st Street. And once we're in the station, will it be a straight (no stairs) route...
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    Eating in coach - Acela

    Yes, it's officially "business class." While I'm asking, am I correct that there are no "quiet cars" in Acela "Business Class."
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    Eating in coach - Acela

    Given the mask requirements on board, is this waived while eating? I know the trains do have snack bars. Do you have to eat in the snack bar, or can you take your items back to your seat? FWIW we'll be traveling in coach on Acela.
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    Auto Train delay refund policy

    I realize that Amtrak refund policy has changed, so if we needed to cancel a reservation shortly before our trip we could only get an e-voucher for 75% of the ticket's value. Would this also apply to the roomette and car reservation fees? At least in the past, if an Amtrak train was going to...
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    Reviews for carry-on food at your station

    Any take out food recommendations leaving from Kansas City Union Station on the 4 p.m. River Runner to St. Louis?
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    LSL checked baggage to and from Boston

    I'd thought checked baggage had been eliminated on the LSL to and from Boston, but I see the June 2019 timetable shows it available at Boston. Has it been reinstated (for Boston only?) If not, how is baggage handled for roomette passengers? It's obviously unrealistic to keep very much in the...
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    LSL to Boston

    I thought the storage cubby over the hallway was only present in bedrooms, not roomettes.  Is that not the case?
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    LSL to Boston

    Now that's there no baggage car, what are Boston section roomette customers doing with their luggage?  There certainly isn't enough room in the roomette itself.
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    Likelihood of CZ diversions October 2018?

    We're scheduled to take the CZ from DEN to EMY on October 6th. Does anyone know the likelihood of a rerouting (presumably for track work) at this time? If it's not known yet, when is a plausible estimate of when any reroutings for this fall will be announced, and what's the best site to use to...
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    Amtrak Making Schedule Changes SW Chief and CA Zephyr

    I had the same experience with an October reservation from Denver to Emeryville on the Zephyr. Everything was identical to the previous reservation confirmation.
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    Luggage storage in transition sleepers

    Is there downstairs luggage storage space in Superliner transition sleepers as there is in the standard Superliner sleepers? Thanks!
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    Breakfast out of DEN on westbound CZ

    I suppose this depends on how late the CZ is arriving into Denver, but how likely is it that breakfast will be available to boarding sleeping car passengers in Denver? And, I realize this seems unlikely, if the train arrives at its scheduled time can you board right away or do you need to wait...
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    Illinois schedule changes at end of daylight savings time?

    I notice that Illinois trains between St. Louis and Chicago have been arriving consistently early lately. There has been previous reporting that schedules would be adjusted with shorter travel times because of the "high speed" rail work. Does anyone know if there are likely to be changes like...
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    Luggage storage at Boston South Station

    Anyone know the per item charge for storing luggage at Boston South Station baggage claim for the day (prior to taking an evening train?) Thanks!
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    New Alton, IL station - expected opening

    Anyone have info regarding when the new Alton, Illinois, station will actually open?
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    Thanksgiving Illinois schedules

    Thanks. I'm aware of the advantages of booking now. I'm trying to make some other plans around the best guesses for Thanksgiving train timings, and also the move of the Alton station.
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    Thanksgiving Illinois schedules

    We're planning to take the train the Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving from either St. Louis or Alton up to Chicago. Because it will be a busy period I'd like to book tickets fairly soon. I realize no one can know about this for sure, but what are the best informed estimates (guesses?)...
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    Senior boarding priority at BOS?

    Is there senior boarding priority at BOS? Thanks.