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    Recent Amtrak trip

    March 6-8 we were on the TE sleeping car (2 roomettes) that, along with a coach, goes on to L.A.; we boarded in Alton, IL, Tucson our destination, return on March 12-14. Our car was right behind locomotive until SAS, then at end of train. Multiple long straight back & forth moves left our car...
  2. J

    Survey Points Club

    After poking around a bit I'm not sure whether starting a thread is possible, so I'll use this one which seems closest to my topic. Amtrak Guest Rewards today sent me an email about joining the Survey Points Club whereby when I fill in a survey I can earn AGR points. As one who likes to respond...
  3. J

    Superliner sleeper lower level?

    Today at Bloomington/Normal, IL we watched the Texas Eagle which stopped for quite a while. We were on the side which has the aisle by the bedrooms' doors. The lower level of the train's sleeping cars differed! At least one had no wheelchair-accessible bedroom window (or any indication there...