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  1. AM_ROAD

    Questions regarding Southwest Chief and Sunset Limited

    I am looking at a West Coast baseball trip this spring (hopefully!) and I have some questions. I live in the Midland/Odessa area of Texas. The nearest station to me is Alpine, but since I have to drive a few hours anyway my options are this: 1. Drive to Albuquerque or Lamy and take the Chief...
  2. AM_ROAD

    Did the Private Railroads consider not joining Amtrak?

    I've heard numerous of times that the Santa Fe considered to run the Super Chief/El Capitan and the Grand Canyon well after 1971. However, I really haven't found anything that wasn't speculative about the Santa Fe not joining Amtrak. Has anyone found anything that seems this belief is...
  3. AM_ROAD

    Palm Springs Station

    I’m currently looking at possibly taking the Sunset Limited from Alpine TX to Palm Springs CA for a boys trip. That being said the arrival times for me are not the best and may force me on a plane. However, my bigger question is has anyone taken this train to this station and how do you get into...
  4. AM_ROAD

    Amtrak announces Siemens as preferred bidder for new equipment

    IF this was suppose to be posted elsewhere please remove. " New Fleet will Improve Safety and Enhance Customer Experience WASHINGTON – After a competitive procurement launched in January of 2019...
  5. AM_ROAD

    Gravity toilets

    I was reading how some countries in Eastern European countries might still have these. I think I recall using one in Texas in the late eighties on some Heritage equipment. Do any of yall recall their use on Amtrak and maybe some funny stories around them?
  6. AM_ROAD

    Could Amtrak acquire trackage anywhere?

    The best thing Amtrak as for itself are routes they own in manage in heavy transportation areas, such as NC and Keystone Service. My question to you are their any routes in which it makes sense for Amtrak to acquire and manage? The first thing that pops in my head is the Raton Pass line, but it...
  7. AM_ROAD

    Penn Central Car in Penn Station

    I noticed a Penn Central Passenger Car (might have been a baggage car) deep below on a siding in Penn Central back in 2016 and 2018. Is this a work car? Does anyone know its history, reporting numbers, and its use?