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    Protect your rights -- Sign the petition

    I am posting this here today after I created it for members of a similar community that I am a little more active relates to transit fans and recent proposals by the New York MTA and other transit agencies to prohibit them and all others from taking pictures of its stations and...
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    Terrorists! ALL OF YOU!

    Hey people, WATCH OUT when you're doing your railfanning:
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    Amtrak Candids

    Ok folks listen up, I got a little something going on for this site and I need your CaNdId shots of Amtrak crew and passengers. Boarding the train, waiting for it, talking to people, anything -- I'd prefer exterior shots because they'd be easier to work with but if you have any interior shots...
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    My senator...

    Look what he did! LOL that's my Friday hangout too! (Alexandria station...the picture is NOT of it)