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    Amtrak delays

    Even the NEC is tasking heat delays. As well the hear restrictionsare not uniform.Some track is at a higher neutral temp than others. Then you have the PRR style CAT that has different speed restrictions at differntpoints. It is all a matter of what the local temp is . Different temps...
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    Amtrak executives receive bonuses

    But metrics can be picked to maximize management meeting the selected metric. IMO that is why the emphasis on the NEC. Not enough LD items to manupilate. We must note the quick action when the Albany building problem became an issue.
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    Amtrak dining

    Who proof reads anything?. When writing specs had a very difficult time getting anyone to proof read my stuff afterI had proof read it twice usually the next day unless expedited for some reason. I tend to make run on sentences/..
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    Brightline Florida update

    How about this : Schedule for 125 and when behind schedule run up to 150 to maintain japan type on time performance?
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    MBTA issues

    Speculation " Geen line postpone is so the persons scheduled to green line can transfer to the Orange line work?
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    Brightline Florida update

    That is my suspenction as well. But they will have to be tested to the planned speed + 10 %. The only place they can be tested as of now is the part of the NEC between Newark and Trenton that at present supports that speed. Would love to see a Bright line train doing that. Call out the PR...
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    Brightline Florida update

    There does not to seem very long distances to 150. Then you have the 2 factors requiring more energy. First is the Kinetic energy = 1/2 mass times Velocity squared. Then you have air resistance times the aerodynamic resistance which is the velocity cubed. -
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    Sunnyside LIRR Station in the works

    For most employees reporting for duty the LIRR stastion will reduce time to make check in. No longer will employees that commute on subways but start on NJT, LIRR, or Amtrak have to get on a subway. Em[;oyees on trains to NYG will have to change at Jamica. Now will it jappen ? If ESA is any...
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    Brightline Florida update

    Same points as those to Amtrak. train set will have to prove operational to 165, Now Amtrak might do it first on the NEC. If Amtrak gets the ALC-Es first then it woul be prudent to test them at 165 under the wires on the NEC. Would that also pass to Brightline? Who knows. There might be a...
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    Protection for people in engine/cab in collisions

    N&W did also. However they had some with short hood forward, Shorrt hood forward was used on very curvy lines. The Virgina creeper to West Jefferson NC was oe route with SH. N&W had a few with dual cotrols for both directions.
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    Wisconsin Talgos are going to Nigeria

    appears that movement will happen fairly soon.
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    Amtrak service cancellations and restorations (2022)

    Very few openings for OBS, T&E listed at Oakland since end of December. Every other US base had 2 to 4 times more openings advertized.
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    Temporary service changes between ALB and SDY (July-August 2022)

    Amtrak's response to this incident is a cut above its usual ignoring of LD problems. At least partial and maybe full qualifications of cresws for only a possible now or in future required detour. quick stubbing of LSL train set at SDY. Getting inspections to verify trains could pass, ETC.
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    Ethan Allen schedule change

    Vermont is certainly doing a good job for their residents and visitors as well. Although would like to see a night train on at least one route have to be practcle that Vermont cannot really afford unless the Canadian situation is changed. For Canada to work Canada will need legislation even...
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    Jacksonville - St. Augustine commuter service in the works in Florida

    I may have been thinking about the Palatka route
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    MBTA issues

    Something certainly was not maintained properly. Less likely track. Maybe wheels out of guage. traveling too fast if so anothe r safety violation.?
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    Temporary service changes between ALB and SDY (July-August 2022)

    Note any Amtrak ground personnel, speed, work on building. Unfortunally that means both sides of train. Railfan windownif available could note any track protections.
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    Temporary service changes between ALB and SDY (July-August 2022)

    Amtrak cleared to resume by the warehouse. Good news for you New Yorkers. Now how will the operation be run past the warehouse? Speculation. 1. Amtrak will probably station 1 or more ground persons to monitor the tracks before any train passes and stop the trains if necessary. 2. the...
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    Jacksonville - St. Augustine commuter service in the works in Florida

    Was some of the FEC track always 1 MT with sidings? Could be a project with Brightline's possible expansion to JAX?