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  1. TheVig

    Chase offer: 10% off Amtrak w/ $9.00 maximum, expires Aug 13

    I got the offer two weeks ago on my CSP and IHG cards.
  2. TheVig

    Anonymous rumor/leak regarding new bank for credit card

    My annual fee hit two months ago. The notice you got was the same notice I got, Just different dates of course. I paid the fee. I'm beating the crap out of the card to earn every possible point up until the end.
  3. TheVig

    Piedmonts and Carolinian used by commuters

    I have never met anybody using it as a daily commuter. However I know a guy that took a Piedmont every Sunday from Charlotte to Raleigh, and return home on Thursdays or Friday. His employer was eating all the expenses.
  4. TheVig

    Pet Peeves

    Can we talk about the hit and miss PA quality of Amfleet cars? LOL.
  5. TheVig

    Crescent schedule performance

    Same goes for SC.
  6. TheVig

    Crescent schedule performance

    Only if they had a interest in passenger rail. I've struck up conversations with riders who live in Atlanta. Passenger rail advocacy or simply fighting for better doesn't seem to click for some. Many have told me they are simply happy to have a cheap option, other than Greyhound, since they...
  7. TheVig

    Booking online problem/Amtrak website issues

    Now I wish I would have taken a screenshot showing I could have taken the CONO from CLT to NYP. Lol.
  8. TheVig

    Columbia, SC - future hub?

    I would like to see Charlotte to Columbia, from there to Charleston, Savannah, and Atlanta. There’s always hope. Lol.
  9. TheVig

    Rail stations at Airports

    I’m a resident of Charlotte. There has been a lot of discussion about getting our light rail to make a stop as close to the front door of the airport as possible. In an ideal world we would like something like PHL has. Walk right out of baggage claim, and straight onto SEPTA. Most likely not...
  10. TheVig

    Anonymous rumor/leak regarding new bank for credit card

    I will keep using my AGR card to earn as many points as possible until the end date comes. When that happens, I will pivot from there.
  11. TheVig

    New York - Poughkeepsie Hudson River which side to sit on

    Thank you everyone for the recommendations. Much appreciated.
  12. TheVig

    Bedroom bookable for zero points?

    Try it for grins and giggles.
  13. TheVig

    New York - Poughkeepsie Hudson River which side to sit on

    Wife and I are making a R/T day trip in the near future. What's the best side to sit on from NYP to POU?
  14. TheVig

    Comparison of Amtrak "Never Again" with "Never Again" on other transportation

    I've heard "never again" on just about every mode of transportation there is. We are those types that always plan for worse case scenarios. So when things happen, we are much more adept at taking things with a grain of salt. The one time I truly felt bad for a fellow passenger, was during a...
  15. TheVig

    Effect of rising gas prices on Amtrak ridership in summer of '22

    I saw $4.18 for regular here in Charlotte yesterday. Regardless of fuel prices, we are riding the train anyway for most of our vacation travels.
  16. TheVig

    Timetables/Flag Stops

    There is nothing stopping us from doing just that.
  17. TheVig

    Earn 5X Points Promo with AGR Credit Card

    Got my 4000 yesterday.
  18. TheVig

    Gas prices where you are located?

    I'm in Charlotte. This afternoon I noticed prices anywhere from $4.32 to $4.39 for regular.
  19. TheVig

    Bid Up?

    As far as notification if you won goes. I've seen it be as close to two hours before departure.