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  1. Tom Booth

    Sunset Limited trains canceled 8/10 and 8/12

    Sad to say but I agree with you.
  2. Tom Booth

    North River Tunnel Speed Limit Increase

    I don't see the speed limits under the Hudson as slowing things down. As other have mentioned there are many factors involved and anyway it's usually only a 15 - 20 minute ride.
  3. Tom Booth

    Confused About the Crescent

    If you search station choice when on status you'll see box at bottom that says view all stations.
  4. Tom Booth

    Confused About the Crescent

    I did that at first too. and New Orleans wasn't popping up. So I went to all stations. I use status frequently on app and never had to go to all stations to find city. New Orleans wasn't in the drop down after entering "new" "o".
  5. Tom Booth

    Confused About the Crescent

    My bad. When searching all stations I might have intuited that the alphabet started and ended in CA. Didn't realize that one had to first go to states then alphabetize. My mistake
  6. Tom Booth

    Confused About the Crescent

    It just appeared on my app. Wasn't there before - it's a work in progress
  7. Tom Booth

    Confused About the Crescent

    BTW, New Orleans is not listed as a station on the Amtrak app status list of stations. What a way to run a railroad!!
  8. Tom Booth

    Amtrak delays

    That's my point. How can Amtrak continue without providing reliable trains? It can't. These past three months have been horrific.
  9. Tom Booth

    Amtrak delays

    If they are old news they continue to be "new" old news. They've been happening for well over three months now on a daily basis. We've had a hot summer but not record breaking and anyway it's been going on since well before summer. As I opined before, Amtrak's LD network cannot be sustained...
  10. Tom Booth

    Amtrak delays

    Speaking of lateness this summer I've checked the arrival stats into Chicago of trains 4,6, and 8 for the period of 4/26/22 to 8/4/22 - a period of, I think, 100 days. #4 arrived on time ZERO times (0%) during this period. #6 arrived on time 2 times (2%) and #8 came into the Windy City on time...
  11. Tom Booth

    Planning a December Trip! (Discussing SWC/CZ schedule performance etc.)

    Inconvenience would apply more to coach people than sleeper folks. For one,it would increase time spent traveling without being able stretch out. Sleeper people at least would have one section of trip in more comfortable accommodations.
  12. Tom Booth

    Albany, NY

    How can one get to Albany from the station? Is there a shuttle? Cost?
  13. Tom Booth

    VIA long distance fleet replacement

    Amtrak's priority has been next to useless for the almost 50 years. This summer's OTP has been dreadful on the LDs in the West. Having clout only counts if it shows up in results.
  14. Tom Booth

    Temporary service changes between ALB and SDY (July-August 2022)

    Depends on how deep his pockets are.
  15. Tom Booth

    Florida to Boston Trip, need help with luggage

    Last time I did this it cost close to $100 for a 35 lb bag by UPS. This was in June from San Francisco to Jersey City.
  16. Tom Booth

    Question re itinerary/connection/layover in NYP

    The signage at Penn Sta is absolutely pitiful. I live here and grew up here and have been in the old, old Penn Sta (a beautiful dream of a station) and the old one and the Moynihan one thousands of times combined (no exaggeration) and either I still get confused or it takes a good 5 minutes to...
  17. Tom Booth

    Baggage checking pros and cons

    Maybe not. But I've done it many times although never in a small city.
  18. Tom Booth

    Baggage checking pros and cons

    Same here. Last month I checked bags in Emeryville 20 minutes before departure. No problem.
  19. Tom Booth

    CN Rouses Point Track (Adirondack)

    I think Central Station is nicer than the new Moynihan NYP. Way nicer as well as far more functional.
  20. Tom Booth

    CN Rouses Point Track (Adirondack)

    Generally agree with you except for your some dismissive description of Gare Centrale. Central Station's main waiting area is quite beautiful - much more so than Moynihan's NYP - with its bas relief and scores of shops. It's one of my favorite stations and has the vibe of a vibrant city station.