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  1. blueman271

    Goodbye for Now

    I dont post very much or very often but I am on this site almost everyday when time and physical location permit(unfortunately the realm of the internet does not make it to 500ft underwater lol). My boat is deploying very soon and we will be gone for a minimum of six months. I unfortunately dont...
  2. blueman271

    Question about SAV

    Hey all, Im travelling down from my post in Charleston to Savannah in a little under two weeks here to pick up my very first car. What im wondering is, is there any way to use public transportation to get from the station into downtown Savannah. I will be arriving on 97, so if its ontime I would...
  3. blueman271

    Ticket Exchange

    Hey everyone. About two months ago I bought a round trip ticket from Charleston SC to Newark NJ so that i could go home on leave. But earlier today, I found out that my leave was getting pushed back a week. So my question is this, could I use my current tickets which are valid for travel on the...
  4. blueman271

    Question about trip

    Hey all, I've got a couple of questions here and i was hoping you guys could help. Im going on leave on nov 10th and taking amtrak from charleston sc, to newark nj. My question is twofold. First of all is there a possibility that i could upgrade from coach to a roomette on the train, and if so...
  5. blueman271

    How to become an engineer?

    How does someone go about becoming an engineer?
  6. blueman271

    Ever been on a train put into emergency?

    The closest i have ever came was on a northbound metrorail train. We were coming into dadeland north when the motorman put the train into emergency. Has anyone here ever been on a train that was put into emergency?
  7. blueman271

    Equipment turns in Miami

    If my memory serves me correctly train 97 turns as the next days 92 and train 91 turns as the next days 98. Here is where my memory has gone south. Does train 89 turn as that days 90 or the next days. And how much extra equipment is in the Hialeah yard in case a car is b/o on one of the trains...
  8. blueman271

    Cost on on board upgrade of accomidations

    Hey guys i was wondering how much amtrak charges for on board upgrades of accomidations. Specifically from a coach seat to a standard sleeper. Thanks.
  9. blueman271

    Is this the Palmetto?

    Is this the Palmetto? I know that this picture identifies this train as the Palmetto. But some of the cars look like amfleet 1 cars. Is this really the palmetto. Or is the picture wrong. And if this is the Palmetto what are amfleet 1 cars doing on it?
  10. blueman271

    The Silver Palm

    When the silver palm was still running how many sleepers did it have in its consist. And were these sleepers usally full or where they mostly empty. All info is welcome. Thanks.
  11. blueman271

    Miami to Chicago Service

    I know that amtrak is not starting new service anytime soon. But i was wondering if a Chicago to Miami train might be in the works when amtrak does start to expand again.Thanks.