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  1. battalion51

    Longest Amtrak System Straightaways

    It's not presently doing it, but the limited stop Acela's would definitely be a contender for longest distance between stops. I think they may have made PHL, but I can't remember for sure.
  2. battalion51

    Tampa station walk to Hertz?

    Most Hertz non-airport locations will come and pick you up. If not, take a cab or Uber/Lyft.
  3. battalion51

    Crescent Business Class

    It may have to do with who is responsible for maintaining the car. If the Crew Rooms are primarily in the head sleeper, that attendant has fewer rooms to service, and may be responsible for Business Class as well.
  4. battalion51

    Surfliner Service Disruption in October

    The point of my Carmageddon comment was you can get a lot more done when things are shut down, and you're not working around traffic. It's extremely disruptive, but it's typically better for everyone in the long run. But to suggest that the railroad is the only one's to do this doesn't take all...
  5. battalion51

    Surfliner Service Disruption in October

    So I guess Carmageddon never happened in 2011...
  6. battalion51

    Long distance car consists

    On the Auto Train in the Sleeper area they typically have a Diner and Lounge (not two Diners). If a Lounge is unavailable they will sub a Diner. Same is true in the coaches. The coaches are on the front of the train going south, sleepers going north. They do not wye this train.
  7. battalion51

    Viewliner II - Part 1 - Initial Production and Delivery

    Brightline also didn't have to comply with Buy America requirements since its privately funded. Not mention, buying an off the shelf design is much simpler than something custom built. Just like buying an automobile, you can walk in and out of a dealer in a few hours with a brand new car. But if...
  8. battalion51

    Viewliner II - Part 1 - Initial Production and Delivery

    The biggest issue in the short term in terms of the idea of converting a train to single level equipment is availability of coaches. Approximately 3 Superliner coaches = 4 Amfleet II coaches, and there isn't an extra dozen coaches laying around. Not to mention 2 Superliner sleepers = 3 Viewliner...
  9. battalion51

    Denver's Ski Train Returns in 2017 (Winter Park)!

    There's 40 or so Baggage Coaches, and I think the Portland side of the Builder is the only train that truly requires a Baggage Coach on a daily basis. Leaves plenty of surplus options available thanks to the delivery of the Viewliner Bag Cars.
  10. battalion51

    Talgo Trainsets to California

    That'll make for an interesting couple of Westbound Southwest Chief's...
  11. battalion51

    Proposals for Restored Gulf Coast Service

    The idea behind Meteor connectivity is mostly to allow connections to the rest of Florida. Passengers stay on the CONO til Orlando, and then get on the Meteor (where it usually has a lot of surplus capacity from folks exiting there). Certainly it opens the door to connections at Jacksonville to...
  12. battalion51

    Proposals for Restored Gulf Coast Service

    Yes, the Floridian was run until 1979 via Nashville and Birmingham. Also, as to the Tampa idea, it looks like they're going to try and turn the eastbound train for the westbound same day (note only two additional sets of equipment needed). If the train continued to Tampa that would be...
  13. battalion51

    Talgo Trainsets to California

    Let me clarify, I meant I wonder if one seat rides to San Diego from SLO will be forced to be cut. Right now 761 originates in LA, then turns for 790 but it continues through to San Diego.
  14. battalion51

    Talgo Trainsets to California

    I have to wonder if in order achieve the time savings there will be a couple of sets that are captive in service to SLO. I know sets currently rotate up there, but it seems like time savings being touted will only be achieved with Talgo sets.
  15. battalion51

    Viewliner II - Part 1 - Initial Production and Delivery

    Don't forget though the baggage cars lack a lot of things that the Diners, Sleepers, and Dorms will have: air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, power doors. There are some things that will be the same, but a lot of things that will be different. Mechanical and Operating Crews will need time to...
  16. battalion51

    Anyone know what time the SWC typically arrives in LA?

    Not to mention the vast difference in scenery between the Starlight and San Joaquin...
  17. battalion51

    Minor Amtrak dining car menu requests

    Tennessee Traveler, don't forget the Lake Shore has adopted the same menu as the Cardinal since they're on Diner-Lite until new diners are delivered.
  18. battalion51

    Amtrak’s Black Hawk

    In the Surfliner/California cars the cab car is also a coach, and is where checked baggage is stored on the lower level. As noted though, the former F-40s are colloquially known as Cabbage since it's one part cab and one part baggage. Notably, the Cabbage is able to be used with any train that...
  19. battalion51

    Short stops on the Vermonter

    The only time a train can avoid stopping is if it's a flag stop or a "D" discharge only stop. No one ticketed to get off, notify the Engineer and proceed accordingly.
  20. battalion51

    How does Amtrak keep their fleet graffiti free?

    For the most part, yards are secure enough because there is someone there 24/7 keeping an eye on things (Conductors, Engineers, Mechanical, Cleaners, etc.). In outlying locations, sets usually have shorter layovers, and Mechanical Contractors are with the equipment the entire time.