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  1. George K

    Judge reinstates charges in Philly crash
  2. George K

    Same Fare, regardless of day

    I was looking at a trip CHI-NOL next April, and I went to Amsnag to see the best days to travel. Surprisingly the entire month shows the same fare! I ended up booking (using points), and the fares were right in line with what Amsnag said. Isn't it unusual to have that kind of consistency over...
  3. George K

    Oregon, 2018

    (since I'm in a travelogue-posting mood) Mrs. George is getting better about traveling light, and packing what needs to be nearby on our journey vs. what can be left downstairs in the storage racks of the car. Big suitcase downstairs; small one is our "overnight" case; black bag has...
  4. George K

    New Orleans, March 2019

    Mrs. George and I returned to New Orleans last week. Getting to be old and feeble, she we find that limiting our activities to a couple of things per day makes it more relaxing and pleasurable. There's no pressure to "see and do everything" so we take it easy in The Big Easy. We were in the...
  5. George K

    Cancelling the fee card?

    I have both the World (fee) and Platinum (no-fee) cards from BoA. In my situation, using almost exclusively points for travel, the World Card offers very little benefit for me. Also, I have the annual fee to pay. I got that card in 2016, and about 1 year ago I got the Platinum card. If I...
  6. George K

    "Why train tickets are so expensive."

    It's not like the writer has an agenda or anything. But here's what's really sticking in my craw: "According to Amtrak's company profile, it operated approximately 300 trains a...
  7. George K

    Lowest Fare - 5 months out?

    On Faceypage, someone commented that fares are usually at their lowest 5 months out. I was surprised by that comment, for it was my impression that the earlier you book, the lower the fare - as availability decreases prices rise. That said, however, I found that my September trip on #6 got...
  8. George K

    Coast Starlight and California Zephyr consist question

    I just booked our annual trip to the West Coast. CHI -> PDX. PDX -> EMY. EMY -> CHI. We're traveling at the end of August next year (CZ the first week of September. I've seen pictures of the consists for the CS and CZ. Are they still accurate? Mrs. George, who HATES walking through 5 cars on...
  9. George K

    Companion Coupon?

    I have a companion coupon on my AGR account. I get that it's not valid for "sleeping car accommodations," but I was wondering if *I* book a sleeper on my own (AGR) account, can I apply the companion coupon to *that*? Just thinking....
  10. George K

    Brightline Provides a Ray of Hope
  11. George K

    Bye Bye Starwood....

    Just got this email:
  12. George K

    CONO bedrooms sold out for 3/23/2019!

    Was going to book a trip with that day's departure (it's a Saturday) from Chicago to NOLA. Sold out! What's going on in NOLA that time?
  13. George K

    Metra BNSF Commuter Schedule to Change because of PTC Proposed schedule can be seen here:
  14. George K

    Amtrak worker killed at South Loop (Chicago) facility
  15. George K

    Cancelling the AGR World card

    After looking at the benefits of the BoA AGR World card (TQPs, 3x points for Amtrak travel) vs the $79 annual cost, I decided that, for me, it's not worth it. Most of my travel is done on points (two big trips a year), and therefore the 3X bonus is irrelevant. I'll never have enough TQPs for it...
  16. George K

    Amtrak Derails in Washington State

    Picture looks grim.
  17. George K

    AGR vs Amazon Prime - help me with the math!

    Like everyone, I'm always looking for a way to maximize my AGR rewards, but I'm beginning to think that there might be better alternatives for earning cheap(er) travel. Here's what I do currently: I use the AGR portal to purchase whatever I can - paper towels through, clothing through...
  18. George K

    How loud is it in P42 cab?

    On my daily walk, I was passing the BNSF "raceway" in the western suburbs of Chicago. A four-engine freight train interrupted me, and I was amazed at how *loud* it was. Got me to thinking (no wisecracks, please), how loud is it in the cab of a P42? Do engineers wear ear protection (I've never...
  19. George K

    Transfer time: HHonors -> AGR?

    I transferred 10K points from my HHonors account to AGR (I think it'll be worth 1500 AGR points) about a week ago. Any idea how long it'll take to show up in my AGR account? TIA.
  20. George K

    What's the penalty (for cancellation)?

    About 3 weeks ago, I booked a trip on the Empire Builder using my AGR points. Circumstances have changed (my bride needs an operation and the surgeon says train travel not a good idea 4 months after surgery). So...I have to cancel that trip. I believe there's a 10% penalty for cancellation...