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    Typical Sleeper Alignment on Starlight?

    Last time I checked, there was really no way of knowing which side of the train a given roomette would be on. Has anything changed? Aboard Southwest Chief #4 recently, the attendant swore that even-numbered roomettes were always on the south side. How about #14?
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    Texas Eagle: Coach Pax Food Service and Seat Assignments?

    I understand there is no Sightseer Lounge car on the Texas Eagle these what food service is available to coach passengers and what car is it served in? Also, do they force you to sit in specific seats assigned by the crew, even for day rides like Chicago-St. Louis? Thanks...
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    Select Your Own Sleeper Room Number Online?

    Why not?
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    Southwest Chief Sleeper Directionality?

    Presumably like most Superliner trains, you have no idea in what direction they will assemble the sleepers (bedrooms first, or the reverse). Or was Brian Rosenwald rehired to provide a newfound consistency? And I guess the transition sleepers aren’t yet being sold?
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    Add Second Passenger to Roomette Booking?

    Right now I have a Viewliner roomette booked for myself. A second passenger may want to join me for part of the itinerary. Qs: Does the second passenger pay the equivalent of a coach fare to be added to the reservation? Of course, coach fares fluctuate so which is the applicable one - the...
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    Roomette Booked for One: Spouse Joins After Booking?

    Since the roomette charge is presumably the same for one or two persons, is it just a question of the spouse purchasing a coach fare? In my case it may be easier, since the roomette was purchased on points. Can the wife join without any extra charge? If so, how to ticket? Thanks....
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    Pacific Surfliner Cafe and Business Class Experience During Covid?

    I understand the Surfliner cafe menu has been cut back.....can I assume that all-important coffee and tea are unavailable? Maybe no hot food either? And what if any amenities are provided in Business Class? Thanks....
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    Train 6 - Directional Positioning of Sleeping Cars?

    On Train 6, heading east of course, is there a tendency for sleeping cars to be positioned bedrooms first, or vice versa? Are the sleepers at the head of the train or the rear? Thanks....
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    Predominant Positioning of Sleeper(s) on Train 448?

    Not so much where in the consist the car(s) can be found, but rather whether there is a greater likelihood the roomette end of the car will be positioned ahead of the bedroom end. I ask this because I want to be on a certain side of the train for scenery and sun angle purposes. Also, will the...
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    Problem Viewing All Recent Transactions at AGR Website

    Using Google Chrome, I can log into my AGR account and see recent points transactions. But when I click the hyperlink to view all transactions, I'm returned to the log-in page. Using Internet Explorer, I can't even log into the AGR site (I get a "page not found".) No problems at other sites...
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    Are 7 and 8 on the Surrey Line Yet?

    Are they now operating Fargo to Minot direct, bypassing Devils Lake construction? The work had been delayed from the original start date of October 15.
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    Cutoff Time to Pick Up Prepaid Tickets at Quik-Trak?

    In the past, Amtrak had an absurd policy that you couldn't pickup your prepaid tickets at a Quik-Trak machine less than 20 minutes ahead of scheduled departure. That's exactly when you most need Quik-Trak over a long line at the manned counter, if the station even has staff. Has Amtrak...
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    Forum to Trade AGR Select+ Coupons?

    Like all Select Plus members, I receive at least 4 one-class upgrade coupons and 2 companion coupons per year. Frankly, I often don't make much use of them, since I don't live in the Northeast. The coupons are transferable, but aren't supposed to be sold. Accordingly, I'm looking for a...
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    Texas Eagle Diversion Dates STL-CHI?

    I think the Eagle is scheduled to operate via C&EI St. Louis-Chicago and v.v. on Saturday 23rd, but not Sunday 24th October? How likely is it that the detour will actually occur on 23rd, or is there some chance it will be called off that date? Thanks....
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    How Have You Used the Select + Companion Certificate?

    Formerly Certificate H110, now H114. It requires payment of a full regular, senior, or disabled fare for one person, then the other person rides free - in coach. It is not good for advance-booked sleeper travel, only sleeper upgrades on board. Business or Acela First upgrades require payment...
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    Breakfast Timeframe on Train 11, Second Day?

    How late is breakfast typically served on Train 11, the Coast Starlight, traveling through the Bay Area? We'll be boarding at EMY but will need to have the conductor upgrade us to sleeper onboard, before proceeding to the diner. Personal experience requested. Thanks.
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    Can You Still Book Rooms in the Superliner Crew Car?

    I liked this ability, because you know which side of the train you'll be on. Is it still possible? If so, on what trains is it available?
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    Using High Fare Tickets on Keystones in the NEC?

    All main stem Northeast Corridor trains are now reserved. And conductors often announce that tickets must read valid for that particular train and date. For good reason: fares may be considerably higher on certain trains. But AFAIK, fares on Keystone service between Philadelphia and New York...
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    OK Using Upgrade Coupons with Multi-Part (Conjoint) Tickets?

    So I'll be booking an Acela Business trip from BOS to WAS with train changes in Stamford and New York so I can meet people, sightsee, and shop. See, you get a mini-stopover of up to 24 hours at each change of trains without increased fare, if the same low bucket is available on all trains...
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    Experiences using tickets on slightly different trains/buses than orig

    In the NEC, the conductors rightly check to make sure you're on the reserved train you're ticketed for. Fare differences between individual trains can be substantial. But reserved state-supported services in CA appear to have no bucket pricing. Therefore, the only reasons for having reserved...