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    Received Chase AGR renewed card good thru August 2018

    I'm pleased because my renewed AGR card from Chase showed up today with the 'good thru' date showing 2018. I realize things can still change but I'm happy about it right now.
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    FAST posting with teleflora 1250 points special

    I sent teleflora flowers last Thursday so I could get the 1250 points special that they're running with AGR. I was happily surprised to see they already posted today! The deal is good through September 15th and I think I might send myself some next. :) My purchase cost about $49 so IMHO that's...
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    Met an AU'r on the 14, saw folks get stewed on the 08, and had a b

    I've never attempted a trip report but I'm giving it a stab here. Last week I went on a seven day trip which involved six nights on the train and one night in a hotel. On Friday August 9th I got onto the CS in Simi Valley heading for Portland. Noticed right away that I was not going to be on the...
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    Changing rooms mid-trip

    Next month I'm taking an AGR trip starting with the CS, then the EB, and ending with the TE to get back to LA. When I was setting the trip up the representative told me there were not enough rooms available for me to ride in the same one from Portland to Chicago. He kept putting city pairs into...