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  1. Locobill

    Capitol Limited - checked bikes possible, or only carry-on reservations?

    We looked I to this recently with the idea of taking 4 bikes onboard. When we tried to reserve it, there are only 2 bike slots available. The Capital Limited doesn’t have a full baggage car, but a coach baggage car. So only 2 spots available. This is pretty dumb since this route has some of the...
  2. Locobill

    Michigan City, Indiana station closing 4/4/2022

    The “station” now is basically a small shelter like a bus stop. The building is still there but was turned into a restaurant that has been closed for a couple years.
  3. Locobill

    Impact of a Russian cyberattack on Amtrak

    The Amtrak train booking online has been down this afternoon. Cyber attack?
  4. Locobill

    Train Consists

    Yeah, this is 7 years out of date.
  5. Locobill

    Train Consists

    Is there anywhere on the Amtrak site, or anywhere else, that shows the current makeup of the various train consists? Also, if there are changes, such as additional baggage cars, where would they be posted?
  6. Locobill

    Bikes / Baggage car on Capital Limited?

    Four of us want to take our bikes from Chicago to Cumberland, MA and return from Pittsburgh to Chicago In August. When we look at reservations, there only shows either one or two bicycle slots. Does the CL have baggage car service? Or are we out of luck?
  7. Locobill

    Capitol Limited Bike Service with no Baggage Car?

    So has this situation improved any over the last year? We have four bikes we would like to take from Chicago to Cumberland and back from Pittsburgh this August. Is there a baggage car where bikes can be stored?
  8. Locobill

    Amtrak potential service reduction due to staff shortage

    We’ll, this would be a giant step backwards if service on LD trains were to be reduced to 3 times a week. Hopefully if an antivaxxer quits their career over not complying with this vaccine vs all the other vaccines we have had in the past, unemployment will not be available to them. We need to...
  9. Locobill

    Amtrak potential service reduction due to staff shortage

    There is a really good article in the November Trains magazine discussing the current state of Amtrak and how they are recovering from the Pandemic. It seems like management over reacted at the beginning with too drastic cutbacks in equipment and personnel. Now we are paying for this in some...
  10. Locobill

    Is a surge protector extension cord allowed on a train?

    I bring a 3/1 multiple outlet.
  11. Locobill

    Large increase in Empire Builder fares?

    Good news! I was checking prices last night for the EB and roomettes have dropped to $772 from SEA to CHI all the way to August! Wonder why?
  12. Locobill

    Large increase in Empire Builder fares?

    I did some checking and it looks like Sleeper prices increase on April 1. 3/30/21. $723 roomette 4/1/2012. $1270 roomette
  13. Locobill

    AmSnag Oddity/Status

    I went to look up pricing on Amsnag last night and I got a page that said it’s under construction?! What happened to Amsnag?
  14. Locobill

    Large increase in Empire Builder fares?

    Last year, we reserved a roomette on the Empire Builder for this past May, after a cruise, and it was around $750 for two. Well, both were cancelled due to the pandemic. We just signed up for the same cruise next summer and wanted to take the EB back to Chicago from Seattle. Now it is $1,300...
  15. Locobill

    What happened to Fridays (booking sleeper on Empire Builder)?

    I discovered a glitch in the Amtrak ticketing system. If you try to book a sleeper on the Empire Builder on any Friday in 2020, you can’t do it! Except for March 6. And then there are no coach seats left for that date! I contacted Amtrak and they are looking into this problem. Very Strange!!
  16. Locobill

    An ‘Ocean’ Mileage Run (with lots of photos!)

    Nice trip report. It’s interesting seeing how Via compares to Amtrak. How do the prices compare for a similar distance?