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  1. battalion51

    Texas Eagle move to TRE

    Sounds like there's still a lot of balls in the air... To the Moderators: I looked for the old thread on this topic and couldn't find it. If you want to merge it in that's fine.
  2. battalion51

    Dixieland Time Accuracy

    I've noticed something over the past few months with the status maps where times are erroneously reported in the system. The case subject I'll use it 48-28. If you pull up the history on it, it presently shows that it arrived and departed from ALB at 2:41, which we all know is physically...
  3. battalion51

    Silver Service terminating in JAX on 10/5

    I went to looking for any information regarding service changes at Washington due to the shooting near the Capitol (no notices posted on that by the way, so I assume business as usual). While I was there I found a Service Notice saying that Silver Service will be annulled south of...
  4. battalion51

    Crescent Re-route

    Either the new status maps are wigging out, or the Crescent is on a detour. Just punched up ASM and the Amtrak version, ASM is showing the Crescent in Service Disruption, and Amtrak concurs. However, Amtrak's GPS data is showing 19 moving at 39 MPH about halfway between Petersburg and Rocky Mt...
  5. battalion51

    FDOT: SunRail to DeLand could be bad investment

    Found this article/video online and thought it was pretty interesting. I think there's definitely some valid points, but in reality most folks are going to drive from home to the train station to access points down the line. Who knows maybe going to the DeLand station could spur some growth in...
  6. battalion51

    40th Anniversary Train disposal

    So I think all would agree that the 40th Anniversary Train has been a huge success, and has brought awareness of Amtrak and its history to tens of thousands across the country. But, with the train finishing up its tour the question is, what will happen to the trainset once its service is done...
  7. battalion51

    Amtrak (California) and Cab Cars

    (Alan/Moderator team, if you feel this is more appropriate elsewhere feel free to move it, but it does touch some Amtrak services, thus why I put it here.) So I just stepped off of BART and am now sitting in the San Francisco Airport awaiting a flight to LAX (before connecting to ATL). On the...
  8. battalion51

    Cal Zephyr Sides

    Alright y'all, I'm getting ready to do the Cal Zephyr, east and westbound between Emeryville and Reno. Is there a favorable side to be on or is it six to one half dozen the other? All feedback welcome!
  9. battalion51

    One Zone Roomette

    So I'm starting to contemplate trips for next summer, and one of the things I'm looking at doing is a trip to the Northeast with my girlfriend via train. I don't know which order we would do things in, but I'd like to do either ATL-BOS-NYP-ATL or ATL-NYP-BOS-ATL. I've got enough points in the...
  10. battalion51

    Cal Zephyr West End

    Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, I need thoughts and opinions on a trip I'm planning for January. I'm currently living in Atlanta, and I'm planning to go to visit my family in Carson City, NV for about a week, and I'm going through my travel options. Right now I'm planning to fly out of ATL on a...
  11. battalion51

    NEC Service Disruption?

    Just saw this on Twitter: Looked over on Amtrak's website and they're showing Service Disruptions on everything. Nothing updated on Amtrak's Twitter recently...
  12. battalion51

    Method to the madness

    Ok, so in all of my years of railfanning I have noticed this, but never knew what the method to the madness is. On GE locomotives (and I presume some EMDs) sometimes the door into the cab from the front porch is on the Engineers side and sometimes on the Firemans. I know the window is an option...
  13. battalion51

    "New" Metra Power?

    Just saw a picture on of an F-40PH-3 that's new to Metra Anyone know what the history of these motors is? How many of them were bought and overhauled? What the extent of the overhaul was?
  14. battalion51

    Crescent Surprise

    I decided to only do a Travelogue on the southbound side of this trip, because nothing really to note happened on the Northbound trip. Enjoy! June 10, 2010 We began our morning with a short drive from the Northwest side of Atlanta downtown to the garage I park in everyday down near Centennial...
  15. battalion51

    Blank Check from CN

    This one's just sad. Article was e-mailed to me: I know CN has to have an operating rule similar to CSX Operating Rule 100-J. If there was the slightest glimmer of doubt the crossing might not work they should have been flagging the crossing. This same worker very easily could've flagged the...
  16. battalion51

    Hit or Miss

    I think everyone in this community can agree on something for once. is something that needs to be seen by as many people as humanly possible. Transportation professionals, drivers, school kids, and everyone that has a pulse should see this video. If this doesn't hit home I don't know what will.
  17. battalion51

    NBC's view of HSR

    I just finished watching NBC Nightly News from last night, and there was a nice little segment on HSR. It was fairly general, but included some voices I think most of us are glad to hear including Joseph Boardman and Ross Capon. You can watch the video using this link.
  18. battalion51

    Possible Atlanta Union Station

    I was watching the local news at Noon today (since Comcast is trying to fix my friggin HBO and OnDemand) when I saw a blurb about a proposal being pushed by the Regional Transportation Planners. They're pushing to build a station just south of the Georgia Dome on top of the existing NS tracks...
  19. battalion51

    Meadowlands Trains

    This may be a repeat topic (moderators please re-direct me if I missed something). I know that NJT is providing service on the New Haven line in association with MTA/MNRR, but as far as I can tell these trains are terminating at Secaucus and then you have to transfer to a Meadowlands shuttle...
  20. battalion51


    Not that there's really too many people who would have the ability to do this, but the AARPCO train will be running from Cocoa to Jacksonville tomorrow with a four or five hour stop in St. Augustine. The train should be leaving Cocoa around 7-8, and arriving in JAX just after the Meteor leaves...