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    Just got a real shocker!!!

    I just checked prices and point costs (with AGR) for my Christmas return trip(12/29-1/1/17) from coast to coast (nyp-sac). Cash price( for one person in a roomette on both legs is $994.00..... That's OK, but the point total was 71,001pts.!! I couldn't deal with that, so it will be...
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    30% bonus on 10,000 point purchase (3/9-4/19/15)

    I just got an email for a 30% bonus on a 10,000 point purchase. This is a tiered bonus, 10% to 4,500 pts, 20% to 9,500pts and 30& for 10,000+ point purchase. Points purchase must be made between 3/9/15 and 4/19/15 to recieve the bonus.
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    In-store special order

    I am going to make an in-store special order at Lowe's in the near future. The home improvement purchase has to be built to order and cannot be ordered from the Lowe's on-line catalog. Is there any way I can link this purchase to the AGR points for shopping site in order to receive 3 bonus...
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    Sunday's #14 service interruption

    Does anyone know what happened to Sunday's (12/16) #14?? It is entered as having a service interruption around Chico. CA. That train was supposed to be the first leg of my C to C holiday trip. Unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I had to cancel the trip because my Dr. refused to...
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    Dec. 11-20 Service Alert for the #8/28

    I just read of a service alert on between Dec. 11-20 on the #8/28 for bridge work east of St. Paul - Minneapolis. There will be no stops between St. Paul and Chicago while using the detour. Any guess on the route or increase/decrease in the standard route time while using the detour...
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    AGR zone map

    When I brought up the AGR zone map, I found the separate zones no longer expand on my computer. And I don't remember all the border cities. Question, is this my computer or a change on the AGR site???
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    Just an Amtrak Points for Shopping reminder that Teleflora's 20-points per $1 spent expires Oct. 31st.!!! Their website is troublesome at times. The discount code is AKLTOB20.
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    Between now and Sept. 30 there is a 50% buy bonus on the AGR site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    7 1/2 Hour Late #6

    Yesterday's #6 lost another 11 hours between GSC and GRA, bringing it to over 12 1/2 hrs. late. Anybody know what happened??
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    AGR Points for Shopping

    I realize that these merchants come and go, but I did notice Sears dropped it's points bonus from 7x dollar spent to 1 pt. for dollar spent!!!!! :angry2:
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    Have to do your homework

    I was looking to book on-line a return trip for the Christmas holidays, when I found this fare discrepancy. 1) $321.09 NYP-CHI via #125 and Capital Ltd. Senior rate W/roomette. 1a) $351.36 CHI-SAC via CZ Senior Rate W/roomette total $672.45 2) $318.44 NYP-CHI via LSL Senior rate...
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    Amtrak website

    Has anyone successfully changed their user ID on the Amtrak website?? My existing user ID is a now-disconnected email address. When I log-in to my profile page, I am not allowed to change my email address (user ID) to my active account no mater how closely I follow the on-screen directions! I...
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    parking at LA Union Station

    *** Note that this thread is from 2010 but there is current information at the end *** I have a reservation from LA Union Station to Albany NY. with a return flight to LAX. I plan on using the FlyAway transit bus from LAX to Union Station on my return to CA. My question is long term parking...