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    Moynihan Station

    I see where Coach USA from the Port Authority will get you to Middletown, NY in about 2 1/2 hours. As 2 seniors with luggage, this is your best bet. Hail any cab outside which ever train station you arrive at. Don't worry about crossing any streets.
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    long-term parking near Atlanta's Amtrak station

    Might look on the ‘net for “park ‘n sleep” hotels near the station. Usually free or reduced parking with one nights stay in the hotel. Might work depending on your situation.
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    #5 & #6 Late (7/9/19)

    Josh I think you are on her list. And I don’t mean her Christmas Card list.......
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    Amtrak Riverside Call Center to Close - Jan 2019

       550 people lost their jobs in this move by Amtrak.
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    Amsnag Alert emails

    I'm up to an AmSnag email every 15 min. or so. Gave up and blocked the sender address.
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    Riding the full route of Texas Eagle

    I did the TE westbound, Chi to LA. Not too much in the way of scenery. The other 3 Chi to west coast routes have much more interesting scenery. IMHO.
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    Kansas City to Las Vegas, Nevada

    Kingman has a Las Vegas shuttle bus. Needles has nothing.......
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    Segment canceled; what do to

    Check the schedule for the Coaster commuter train from San Diego to Oceanside and once there, transfer to a Metrolink train the LA Union Station.
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    Barstow Trainspotting & SW Chief at 90mph

    As been said, there is 15+ miles of straight track (great stopping & viewing area near the volcano cone) in the Amboy area. But be aware, there is NO services in Amboy. Roy's was closed again the last time I was through there (6/16).
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    Weekend trip to Arizona

    Your outbound leg, CS/SL connection will be dicey at best. Only 1 hour separates the arrival and departure of both trains. But it is an easy homeward bound connection. For such a short vacation, ever think about an outbound leg of Klamath to Sac via CS and fly to Phoenix? And the SL/CS all the...
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    Need advice on traveling from Chicago to Redding California

    Not much to do in Redding without a car. Some of the most beautiful country in California is only a day-trip away. I was figuring to keep the rental car the entire visit and drop it back in Sac. They could board the southbound CS around 6am. on the morning after they drop off the car.
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    Travel insurance

    I collected 100% on airline travel insurance. I got a badly broken ankle shortly before my coast to coast trip. And on Drs. orders, no travel. Fortunately for me, my return trip was on AGR points and was able to cancel that with another 100% refund. After that, I always buy travel ins.
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    Need advice on traveling from Chicago to Redding California

    If it were me, I would take the CZ to Sac(2:00+ pm. arrival) and a rental car drive up I-5 to Redding. Any involvement with the CS means 2:00 to 3:30 am. arrival or departure in Redding.
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    Amtrak To Run Coachella "Party Train" in 2017 and 2018

    More than likely it would be Metrolink.
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    Traveling With a Broken Foot

    You might want to check with your orthopedic surgeon and go with his recommendation. When I broke my foot my Ortho Dr. would not allow any travel(had a coast to coast planned) and thanks to flight ins. and AGR cancellation policy, I came out whole financially.
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    Just got a real shocker!!!

    The fare pricing for those dates come up with the $994.00 when using dollars and "call for pricing" when using point configuration AND choosing roomette (or bedrooms).
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    Just got a real shocker!!!

    I will admit this fare of 71K points is in what used to be a sometime blackout dates. But double points when the cash fare remains a low $994.00??? Also did a quick check on airfare and came up with a non-stop round-trip San Diego-JFK, using Jet Blue & Delta combo for $444.10!!
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    Just got a real shocker!!!

    Correct!!! One way NYP-SAC, two legs, 12/29 to 1/1/17 (#49 & #5) both legs single occupancy roomette. Was 35K points or blackout. Now 71K points (or $994.00 cash), no blackout. You would have to play musical chairs with a willing AGR rep. by choosing different dates to find a lower (points) fare.
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    Just got a real shocker!!!

    I just checked prices and point costs (with AGR) for my Christmas return trip(12/29-1/1/17) from coast to coast (nyp-sac). Cash price( for one person in a roomette on both legs is $994.00..... That's OK, but the point total was 71,001pts.!! I couldn't deal with that, so it will be...
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    Car rental near Oceanside, CA Amtrak station...

    Yes, but it's a lot closer to Wildomar.