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  1. Petur

    Brightline takes over XPress West!

    JermyZP Check this article out Attached URL at bottom Desert high-speed rail line could block sheep, mountain lions. Democrats want more crossings ''The California Department of Transportation, better known as Caltrans, is overseeing the private project that would add a zero-emissions...
  2. Petur

    Brightline takes over XPress West!

    Yes, That is true. I'm very happy, finally there is a route my California to Las Vegas! I'm a new train foamer lol -Petur
  3. Petur

    Brightline takes over XPress West!

    Amtrak doesn't stop in Las Vegas, even though the tracks are in place. Amtrak's Desert Wind route ran from 1978 to 1997 between Los Angeles and Salt Lake City with several stops, including a station at 100 S. Main St., behind the Plaza downtown. Now their is a Route called Brightline Vegas...