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  1. Stremba

    Auto Train Room 14

    Look at the diagram on the link I posted earlier. The deluxe sleeper contains ten bedrooms upstairs (A-E and J-N) and four roomettes, numbered 11-14. a family bedroom (15) and the handicapped bedroom (H) downstairs. Roomettes 1 through 10 simply do not exist on the deluxe sleeper. Roomette 14...
  2. Stremba

    Auto Train Room 14

    It has been a few years since I travelled on the AT, but when I did it had only the deluxe sleepers. It is possible that the consist has changed since then. I also only have ridden during the summer. Perhaps the consist changes seasonally.
  3. Stremba

    Auto Train Room 14

    The deluxe sleeper refers to a sleeper car configuration, not another type of sleeper. The AT has bedrooms and roomettes, just like all other Superliner trains. The Superliner sleeper car on the AT, though is modified to have only bedrooms on the upper level — the roomettes normally on the upper...
  4. Stremba

    Train tips for fat guys

    I am 5’11” and about 300 lbs. I have travelled in roomettes many times, sharing with my 15 year old son, who is not as big as me, but pretty much adult sized. I have not really had any issues in roomettes, but he always takes the top bunk. I wouldn’t want to be up there. Restrooms certainly are...
  5. Stremba

    Auto Train Room 14 Look at the deluxe sleeper on this link. This is the layout on the Autotrain. All upper level sleepers are bedrooms; if you have a roomette you will be on the lower level
  6. Stremba

    What should Amtrak change?

    Unfortunately very little track other than the Northeast Corridor is electrified. Electric locomotives don’t work without electrified track, and almost all of the track (again other than the NE Corridor) is not owned by Amtrak, but by freight railroads. The freight railroads have zero incentive...
  7. Stremba

    Pittsburgh - New York round trip 8/6 to 8/7 2022

    I have done this trip on the Pennsylvanian many times. Glad you enjoyed it. Another hotel option for the budget-conscious that I have used. Don’t stay in Manhattan; stay at the Doubletree in Newark. It is usually significantly cheaper than any option in Manhattan, and it is convenient to Newark...
  8. Stremba

    Pennsylvanian (coach vs business)?

    On the Pennsylvanian all passengers ride backwards from Philadelphia to NYC (and vice versa). The train is not turned. There is an engine change at Philadelphia. This is necessary because Diesel engines are not allowed in NYC, but the electrified track ends at Harrisburg. The electric locomotive...
  9. Stremba

    Pennsylvanian (coach vs business)?

    I am pretty sure BC is the front car between Pittsburgh and Philly and rear car from Philly to NYC (because of the change in direction)
  10. Stremba

    Lesser known Railroad Museums in small towns

    The Railroaders Memorial Museum in Altoona PA is also an interesting one. The museum is located within walking distance of the Altoona Amtrak station and is located in an old Pennsylvania RR roundhouse. The museum also operates the Horseshoe Curve site outside of Altoona. It is possible to...
  11. Stremba

    Question about handling of connections by Amtrak

    The amount of delay on the incoming train also likely factors in. It would be pretty stupid of Amtrak to refuse to hold a train for 10-15 minutes if having it leave right on time would cause dozens of connecting passengers to miss their connections. If the incoming train is going to miss the...
  12. Stremba

    Question re itinerary/connection/layover in NYP

    Not sure how much cheaper it might be, but you could also look at getting off the Carolinian in Newark. There may be some cheaper hotel options there, and it’s about a 20 minute ride from Newark Penn to NYP on a NJ Transit commuter train the next morning.
  13. Stremba

    How does one get to the San Pedro cruise terminal from the Amtrak LAX station?

    That is probably wise. I don’t like relying on same day connections from one Amtrak train to another Amtrak train if I can help it, let alone a same-day connection from Amtrak to some other more of travel. At least with the Amtrak-to-Amtrak connection they will help you out. You are pretty much...
  14. Stremba

    Pet Peeves

    Related to PA announcements: one that I absolute hate (and for some reason one that is always perfectly audible and intelligible) is that some OBS when approaching a smaller station with a platform too short to permit all coaches to access the platform will often announce “All doors will not...
  15. Stremba

    Question re itinerary/connection/layover in NYP

    OP is scheduled to arrive at 8:35, so 7:15 obviously won’t work, and the 8:55 connection would certainly not be guaranteed by Amtrak. He/she is probably stuck in NYC for the night. The Fairfield probably is the best bet.
  16. Stremba

    What happens if the Pacific Surfliner "sells out"?

    I have never been on the Surfliner, but the Pennsylvanian and the Keystone between Harrisburg and Philadelphia are both unreserved trains. I have seen pax standing on both of these trains. I would assume similar for a full Surfliner
  17. Stremba

    Short transfer

    While you should likely be okay with your connection, there is a connection-free option available if driving a bit is possible for you. You could book the Auto Train for the same Sunday that you were looking at for the Star. It would involve about an 8.5 hour drive from Boston to Lorton VA...
  18. Stremba

    Short transfer

    It depends on how late the incoming train is. If it’s only going to miss by a short time, the connecting train can be held (this also is more likely if there are multiple pax making that connection). For OPs connection the Star has an extended stop in DC anyway, so they’d likely hold it an extra...
  19. Stremba

    Short transfer

    I tried a dummy booking for BOS-ORL. The only option I got was the one you described. This would be a guaranteed connection, which doesn’t necessarily mean you will make it, but just that Amtrak will take care of you if you miss it. If it’s an option, there are better connection available with...
  20. Stremba

    Auto Train question

    I’ve done a few trips and they have never asked for that. You pull up to the booth and show your ticket. They give you a folder with a number on it and put a magnet with a matching number on the side of your car. You leave your keys in the car and go into the station to check in. They drive your...