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    A question about our layover in Chicago on our cross-country trip

    I and a friend are traveling from New York City to Sacramento California at the end of August. We will arrive on the LSL on the 27th (scheduled 10am), and depart the next day at 2pm on the CZ. We have roomettes on both legs. I know that Union Station has checked bag service and says they have...
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    What happens when Texas Eagle 422 arrives in San Antonio after 22 departs?

    I am booked on the Sunset Limited in a sleep on 422 in September, because I am traveling further north to McGregor Tx. I was tracking the status of #2, and the 6/22 departure arrived a few hours late in San Antonio on 6/24, which is not surprising. At that point, the normal practice is to...
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    Coffee on the Superliner sleeper cars

    I am booked on a SL from Chicago to Sacramento in August and have a nice location upstairs in the center, near the coffee station. I believe that the coffee station in those cars as well as in the ViewLiners were suspended due to Covid. Has anyone ridden in one recently and can verify if the...