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  1. benjibear

    Refund Policy and E-vouchers

    I am confused on Amtrak's fare types. Maybe they purposely make it that way. So if I buy a Value Fare, it says this about refunds: Can you still get an e-voucher for the total fare? So another page on evouchers: So I read from that if I cancel and it is a non-refundable, it can be put...
  2. benjibear

    Companion Coupon Question

    Which fare structure is the companion coupon work? Value or Flexible?
  3. benjibear

    What happened to Acela?

    I have been traveling a lot between PA and NYP for doctors appointments (cancer re-occurrence). Last week we missed our train to and had to get another train. The next train was a connection with Acela, which was a lot more, but we needed to get there. First, the connection between the two...
  4. benjibear

    Keystone Service & New York City Upcoming Snow (3/8/18)

    Trip was OK. We ended up leaving Tuesday night catching the Keystone and needing to change trains in PHL to the Palmetto. The Palmetto was running about 30-40 minutes late. We didn't get into NYP to our hotel till between 1 and 2. It snowed in New York, but didn't stick, only some slush...
  5. benjibear

    Keystone Service & New York City Upcoming Snow (3/8/18)

    I am traveling to New York City for a Thursday morning appointment at Memorial Sloan Kettering. I was leaving on Keystone 656 on Wednesday which would get me into New York at about 9:00PM, staying overnight, and returning later on Thursday. At least that was the plan. Now, I am seeing they...
  6. benjibear

    Train broke down - Order Pizza

    The article I read said the train was over 3 hours late. That is inexcusable on the NEC.
  7. benjibear

    Annual Pittsburgh to Philadelphia Ridership on the Pennsylvanian

    I can't find anything but here has the bordings and departures at each station:,0.pdf You can maybe use that and somehow assume a percentage where 50% would be the worse case for the lowest number.
  8. benjibear

    NYP Connection Bewteen NJ Transit and Amtrak

    I am also looking at leaving Morris Planes at 3:19 arriving at Newark Broad Street at 4:16. Taking the light rail at 4:39 arriving at Newark Penn Station at 4:51. Then hopping on the Keystone at 5:34. Anyone have any thoughts?
  9. benjibear

    NYP Connection Bewteen NJ Transit and Amtrak

    I am looking at taking a train from Morris Planes, NJ that departs Morris Planes at 3:19 and arrives at NYP at 4:39. Then I will be taking that Amtrak Keystone that leaves at 5:34. Now of course I can try to get the 2:19 train from Morris Planes to get there early. Or if I miss the 5:34 train...
  10. benjibear

    NYP Connection Bewteen NJ Transit and Amtrak

    I am looking at doing a trip where I would be taking a NJ Transit train into NYP and making a connection with Amtrak. The NJ Transit is scheduled to arrive at 4:39 and the Amtrak train is scheduled to leave at 5:17. So I have 38 minutes. Is this enough time to make a connection? Does NJ...
  11. benjibear

    SEPTA: 'Significant structural defect' sidelines 120 railcars "Per week, SEPTA is leasing five coaches from the Maryland Area Regional Commuter train service for $19,462 per week; one locomotive and eight coaches from NJ Transit for $15,570 per week; and two...
  12. benjibear

    SEPTA: 'Significant structural defect' sidelines 120 railcars

    I read something today that Septa was handling maintenance for MARC equipment and that Amtrak and NJ Transit were going to do there own maintenance. As far as the toilets, they should not be used.
  13. benjibear

    SEPTA: 'Significant structural defect' sidelines 120 railcars

    Here is an article that discusses SEPTA looking to borrow equipment from NJ Transit, Amtrak, and MTA. It could be interesting seeing equipment on lines in Philly that you may not normally see. Here is...
  14. benjibear

    Amtrak 171 to Charlottsville on Wrong Track
  15. benjibear

    No Diesel on SEPTA

    When I rode Metra a few years ago, I am not even sure I noticed the uniforms because the train was so bad. Trash everywhere and the windows were so dirty it was like watching a scrambled cable channel.
  16. benjibear

    Harrisburg Train Station in Line for Major Improvements, Development

    Anyone know whatever happened to moving the Middletown Station closer to the airport and the new Paradise station.
  17. benjibear

    Smoking onboard and less than acceptable service

    It sometimes is difficult to catch smokers. Rude people is not Amtrak's fault. We were just in a very nice non-smoking hotel but smelled smoke all night. Not much can be done. In my opinion, smokers are the rudest of them all. Just look at intersections on roads and the amount of buts being...
  18. benjibear

    Crescent questions

    One thing everyone needs to go when going to New York City is to go to Time Square. It really is a truly unique experience that I can't describe. Find a place to just watch the hustle and bustle, the tourists, and the unique sounds and smells. After seeing it when it is full, plan on going...
  19. benjibear

    Virtual Tour of NYP

    It would be possible, but think how much time it would take in research and the computer model creating. It would probably take a team of people at least a year to complete. Are you willing to pay for it?
  20. benjibear

    Crescent questions

    When we went to New Orleans a few years ago, we stayed at the Drurry Inn and Suites. Yes, it was a chain, but really nice. In addition to breakfast, they also gave snacks in the evening which included 3 alcoholic drinks per person. It was not far from the station. As far as direction, I am...