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    Rail stations at Airports

    It's not a particularly easy way for people to transfer from the VRE station to DCA, with at least a mile-long roundabout walk. A proposed pedestrian bridge would make this easier.
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    Rail stations at Airports

    DFW has multiple terminals (each with their own security checkpoints) that are connected by the SkyLink system that is inside security.
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    Empire Builder disruption due to freight derailment (5/1/22)

    This train has had the worst luck lately! Another cancellation between Whitefish and Spokane on 5/2. Although this time, the Amtrak Alert tweet was pretty odd, suggesting that 8/28 would be detouring.
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    Do toilets still 'freeze' or fail during extreme cold?

    I was on the Cardinal in a bedroom a few years ago departing a very cold Chicago. While the toilets worked, both my shower and the shared shower didn't.
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    Amtrak service cancellations and restorations (2022)

    I was on one of the canceled Empire Builder trains and got the fare fully refunded last month. A few days before my original departure date, I still got an alert reminding me of my upcoming trip and the covid email. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing...
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    Amtrak service cancellations and restorations (2022)

    The overnight NEC trains 66 & 67 aren't resuming until 5/23 and 5/24
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    Trains reversing at terminal stations

    The Vermonter does a backup move at Springfield on the tracks south of the station. The northbound backs out of Springfield after the station stop and the southbound backs in before the station stop.
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    Transport Security, CBP Inspection, and State Alcohol Laws

    Washington National (DCA) just reconfigured its security checkpoints so that all the terminals in the main building (directly accessible from the metro) are behind security. Terminal A (serving Air Canada, Frontier, and Southwest) is still separate and requires re-clearing security.
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    Amtrak service cancellations and restorations (2022)

    My Empire Builder trip on March 19th was canceled today. I was going to DC and the first available itinerary was on March 21
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    Suggestions for 5 hour stop in RNO?

    I'm in Reno visiting family and we went to Louie's last night, since in-laws have Basque heritage. Unfortunately, none of us were impressed by the place. The food wasn't particularly good that night. The dinner consists of a set menu: a soup course followed by salad, Basque beans, and a first...
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    Viewliner II Part 4: Sleeping Car production, delivery, speculation

    I have a ticket on the LSL in March and wanted to change my roomette to the VII sleeper, which is supposed to be car 12. However, the agent reported that there is no car 4812 on the train on that date.
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    Could we ask compensation for lack of SSL?

    What the crew did on the SWC when it ran without the SSL on my trip was to use half the diner as a cafe car, selling a smaller selection of the usual fare. This meant dining space for the sleepers was more limited and they asked if we were willing to share our table with another party. We did...
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    Could we ask compensation for lack of SSL?

    I was on the SWC last week and got the call from Amtrak at about 10 am on the morning of departure telling us the SSL would not be on that day's train. That was extremely disappointing.
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    Hurricane Ida - 08/2021

    I had tickets for the Crescent on Friday, along with a couple other friends, to head to New Orleans. We had reserved three roomettes using the "Buy One Get One" special a few months ago. We wisely decided to cancel this trip earlier this week. One friend decided to use his BOGO ticket at a...
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    No Observation Lounge on Capitol Limited?

    I remember riding the Broadway Limited in the early 80s and enjoying the dome before it was split off at Pittsburgh with the Capitol Limited consist.
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    What features are important in a sleeper

    A solution to curved windows would be to use window shades instead of curtains. This would also provide blackout capability.
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    No water in CZ sleeper car

    Everyone must have followed the SCA's advice and flushed their toilet before leaving the station.
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    Miles Traveled on Amtrak

    A creep is when you keep track of someone else's miles.
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    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Part of the agreement for rebuilding the Baltimore tunnel is that MARC will be required to electrify its trains by 2032
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    A Silver at South Station

    Almost as unbelievable as the Boston section of the LSL never properly connecting to the Vermonter.