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  1. City of Miami

    When is Sleeping Car returning to WAS-BOS overnight train?

    Yes, and in the discussion about new VA service on AU in another thread couple months ago there was mention of a sleeper
  2. City of Miami

    When is Sleeping Car returning to WAS-BOS overnight train?

    Is there any information about was/bos sleeper service returning to ner 66? What happened to it?
  3. City of Miami

    Amtrak trip ideas and suggestions (Buffalo >Boston>NYC>DC.....)

    Roanoke has some interest and character plus the train station is right downtown. Richmond otoh is a big ugly city with points of interest far apart. RVR is miles from downtown in an area of no interest whatever without close public transit. Just my experience🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. City of Miami

    LIRR Ride

    I once took the lirr to Port Jefferson, took the ferry across to Bridgeport then Amtrak back to Penn station. PJ would be more amenable to dining than Bridgeport due to location. All schedules needed to check for coordination are available online.
  5. City of Miami

    How much do departure and arrival times figure in your Amtrak trip planning?

    I'd love to visit Cincinnati. The Cardinal goes there and passes about 50 yds from where I sit now - the CVS station is down the street. BUT arrival times in CIN are in the wee hours, very unattractive esp in terms of accommodations, i.e. pay for a hotel AND a sleeper for the same night, going...
  6. City of Miami

    Delays on the NEC due to heat wave (July 2022)

    Oddly both of those affected (way late) the new VA trains, 151, 66 & 67.
  7. City of Miami

    Virginia service expansion

    So I wonder if this could help crew rotation? The crew from 171 can lay over and take 66 back the next afternoon, the crew from 151 take 176 back to WAS next morning.
  8. City of Miami

    Virginia service expansion

    NER 66 was almost an hour late this evening at CVS for her maiden voyage after leaving Lynchburg only a few minutes late. There were about 3 dozen people waiting to board. In the meantime NER 171 came in on time for a change and discharged the usual mob which of course confused people. There...
  9. City of Miami

    Virginia service expansion

    NER151 debut arrival in CVS was about 10 minutes late, not bad. There were 4 coaches followed by a food service car on the tail. A couple of dozen passengers detrained and at least a dozen boarded for points south. There were 2 conductors which is one more than usual in recent months. My planned...
  10. City of Miami

    Booking a trip with points for May 20th through May 27 2023 and no luck

    Could be anything, both the site and the app seem glitchy to me. If I keep trying in order to avoid calling Amtrak (now they have an incredibly annoying irrelevant mandatory minute long covid rant before anything else) I usually stumble on success
  11. City of Miami

    Virginia service expansion

    Service starts tomorrow on the new NER 151 and 66 to/from Roanoke running counter to the current 171/176. I shall be at the stadium at 10:30 am and possibly 7pm to see what I can see. Amtrak has tickets for sale with absolutely no promotion or publicity I know of.
  12. City of Miami

    Bookings to Burlington Not Possible?

    Not a single word of publicity about new daily service to Roanoke and it starts Monday next.
  13. City of Miami

    Harold Interlocking

    What is a good vantage point to observe Harold Interlocking? Is the Thomson Ave overpass OK? On Google maps it looks like it has a pedestrian access on the east side of the overpass. Access from Skillman Ave?
  14. City of Miami

    Amtrak delays

    No, I'm home, AB. I'll bet it's a minimum of 2 hours late by the time it gets to cvs. Too bad, they're chasing off customers. There are still 60-100+ boarding every morning and there's already quite a load from Lynchburg & Roanoke; admittedly northbound does much better on the NS tracks than on NEC.
  15. City of Miami

    Amtrak delays

    If NER 171 departs WAS more than 20 minutes late it's stuck behind Virginia Rail Express as far as Manassas making it later and later. In the past month late arrival in CVS every single day averaging half an hour late! Sad.
  16. City of Miami

    Another try with sleeper buses

    The toilet/sink "amenity" would still be the deal breaker for me.
  17. City of Miami

    Virginia service expansion

    There's nothing wrong with the platform - it's a lot better than the CSX one on the other side of the station for the Cardinal! All of the station platforms on the line between New Carrollton and Roanoke are low level, including WAS. I'm sure NS owns the platform as it's in their ROW so they...
  18. City of Miami

    Increasing speed limits on the NEC

    I was on 19 Crescent nyp-cvs about a month ago. When the train would get up to speed on the NEC (presumably 110 mph) the Amtrak Jiggle was pretty outrageous, reading was problematic and writing unlikely.
  19. City of Miami

    Virginia service expansion

    It's busy for under an hour a day altogether. Far from investing more they (whoever they are) have downsized to a single agent on duty and he must have a split shift since he can't be there all the time. I haven't asked him about that but he did tell me he is now the only one. He is on the...
  20. City of Miami

    Virginia service expansion

    "pending final agreement with Norfolk Southern and Amtrak" 😂 that's a mighty big "pend"🤣 Today 171 arrived was 1 minute early and departed 24 min late. Right now it's running 41 min late and will doubtless get later as happens when they don't depart before vre. At least in Roanoke the lone...