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  1. Bob Dylan

    Capitol Limited - checked bikes possible, or only carry-on reservations?

    There they go again! 😱 No Diner/ No SSL/ No Coach Attendant???!!!😱 This is getting Crazy, it seems to be spreading to other Routes like Topsy!!!🤪🤬
  2. Bob Dylan

    40% Off Offer

    I tried a dummy Booking on-line for a Roomette Trip from AUS-FTW-AUS, and the system let me Book the First Leg to FTW @ for an excellent Point Total, but would NOT let me Book the Return Leg 2 days Later???🤪 Be interesting to see if anyone actually can book a Sleeper Trip using this Promo.(...
  3. Bob Dylan

    40% Off Offer

    Just got an email from AGR with an offer to Book Amtrak LD Travel using Points with a 40% Discount that must be booked by Aug 25th and that's good for travel until Sept 30!( not sure if this is Targeted or Not?) I'm wondering if anyone will be able to actually use this with all the...
  4. Bob Dylan

    CZ and SWC sleepers removed (downgraded to coach)

    Good points Jeb! And like all Government Operations, once the Culture reaches a Comfortable Level for the Execs and the Office Pogs, the Front Line Workers,who have to deal with the Public, become the Scape Goats for the Incompetence of Management! Most of us who were career Government hands...
  5. Bob Dylan

    CZ and SWC sleepers removed (downgraded to coach)

    More proof that Amtraks Management is dysfunctional in ALL Areas of the Company. Lying to Customers seems to have become SOP @ lots of Companies, so Sad it's reached Amtrak!🤥🥺 Someone has to make decisions like this, even if a Computer did the dirty deed!🤬 Have you decided yet if you're going...
  6. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak delays

    The reason the Medical Emergency was handled in Alpine is that they have the only Hospital between Van Horn and Del Rio, a distance of 300+ miles. I was on the Sunset #1 one time when we stopped in Marfa( used to be a Stop for the Sunset) and Alpine EMTs met the Train @ a Crossing to handle a...
  7. Bob Dylan

    Pittsburgh PA

    😄 How dare you attack the Sawks!👍
  8. Bob Dylan

    Midwest Venture introduction

    They've been using Horizons on lots of the Midwest Trains both as boarding Cars and Full consists. Could be more Engine problems too!???
  9. Bob Dylan

    Charleston, SC to NYC

    I agree, stay on the Palmeto, no need to change Trains in DC( and Acelas can be Pricey ).
  10. Bob Dylan

    Need bus advice if freights strike: between Normal and Chicago; also Boston to Philly

    As the others said, you should be OK Patty, and your traveling companion is very experienced ( hence his Computer name) and will make sure you get home OK! Nice trip!😊
  11. Bob Dylan

    Article on the possibility of an overnight train between Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area

    And lots of them are sitting in the Yards gathering Dust!🤬
  12. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak dining

    Such a deal! Bet the LSA on the AT will be worked to death hearing up all the Flex Meals!🤔 NOT!!!🤪
  13. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak dining

    What in the World is " Bacon and Cheese Egg Bites"?🤮🤯
  14. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak dining

    This is the Model that the Cardinal uses, with Dinner being Heat and Eat Flex type Tripe! Another once Good LD Train is downgraded to Steerage Class Service!🥺🤬
  15. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak dining

    Good to see the Hebrew National Hotdog on the Menu!🥰 I often used to eat them for Lunch ( in the Diner) on LD Trains when there was enough since they were on the Kids Menu.
  16. Bob Dylan

    Tickets missing on My Trips (both website and app)

    The Conductor probably did a "Mass Lift" when you boarded, they often do this on busy Trains.
  17. Bob Dylan

    CZ and SWC sleepers removed (downgraded to coach)

    And have the Cafe be " Out" of most items!
  18. Bob Dylan

    CZ and SWC sleepers removed (downgraded to coach)

    The biggest problem is that the "Options" are either LD Trains where the Sleepers are "Sold OUT", or 3 times a Week Trains that means you are stranded for 2 days awaiting Connections! This is especially True with the LD Trains that originate inExpense! which is the only place you can connect...
  19. Bob Dylan

    CZ and SWC sleepers removed (downgraded to coach)

    Or dined on Amtrak Cafe Cuisine?