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  1. JoshP

    1968 NYC Empire Service schedule

    I found this schedule dated back to 1968, I am so curious what made Amtrak to eliminate the night owl trains to upstate NY? If they didn't, people like us would have more choices to get down to NYC or back to Buffalo or beyond. Credit to the picture was posted by ESPA.
  2. JoshP

    MBTA issues

    I didn't know about this until just moments ago since I was planning a 30 day travel in east coast and doing some filming of public transit for my youtube channel so now I think I'll have to avoid Boston for now. This is really shame. Maybe the T should learn how MTA done like weekend shutdown...
  3. JoshP

    Purchase seat options

    I was browsing and learned that Flixbus bought Greyhound so I gave a test and was surprised they DO offer you either buy one seat or two seats online, yourself which was a plus for me. But does Amtrak has that option? if not, they should offer that so that way passengers could have purchase...
  4. JoshP

    Alternative ways to accumulate AGR points?

    Hilton points can transfer to AGR? If that is in the case, I have like over 400k points there sitting, I might just transfer the whole thing.
  5. JoshP

    Amtrak service cancellations and restorations (2022)

    2am? I checked, last train arrives Poughkeepsie is 405am
  6. JoshP

    Amtrak trip ideas and suggestions (Buffalo >Boston>NYC>DC.....)

    I want to ask anyone your opinion on my next journey and will be filming the trip with my new GoPro that I purchased. I am open to feedbacks and ideas as well. The trip will be mostly in the east coast first, thanks to the tax refund check I got so I want to spend at least $300 total on Amtrak...
  7. JoshP

    YouTube Channels I've about 9 more videos to be uploaded, I need some time to edit. I just learning how. I've subscribed some of your channels.
  8. JoshP

    Disability Discount

    Since I am disabled and if you request roomette, you are automatically can be upgraded to Accessible bedroom for no extra charge only on the new VII cars but I'm not sure about the Superliner ones. Anyone can confirm that? Amtrak only requires 2 weeks in advance for public but for disability...
  9. JoshP

    Amtrak service cancellations and restorations (2022)

    My question, if this is in the case, then why Silver Star 91 is running? Make no sense? I'm confused.
  10. JoshP

    Amtrak service cancellations and restorations (2022)

    My brother in law who works for Amtrak informed me that Amtrak is serious considering extending the service reductions until June 1 2022 instead of March 28th because they are very short on staff and trainsets so they want to wait until summer so things will get better from the wintry cold that...
  11. JoshP

    Amtrak service cancellations and restorations (2022)

    Heads up, more cancellations: The 89 the Palmetto will not operate Wednesday January 26, and train 90 the Palmetto will not operate Thursday January 27 account CSX trackwork. No alternative transportation to be provided. This also applies the Meteor cancellations so on these days only train...
  12. JoshP

    Amtrak Tracker issues

    I can believe that but the new record for me it was not loading properly past few days non-stop esp. last Monday that didn't load all day and I am sure you will correct whenever it's due time.
  13. JoshP

    Amtrak Tracker issues

    I'm IT and I own a hosting business so it looks like API is having issues at Amtrak's end so that is why I don't see updates at ASM so I'll let the developer know about the issue.
  14. JoshP

    Amtrak Tracker issues

    Anyone have noticed the tracker at and asm has been not functionally properly past few days?
  15. JoshP

    Silver Star/Silver Meteor combined train (Jan - Oct 2022)

    So officially 97/98 is out of service as of 6:53pm when 97 finally arrives at MIA. This is sad.
  16. JoshP

    Amtrak considering shifting Credit-Card Portfolio away from BofA

    My bro in law who works at Amtrak says rumors that Amtrak is in talks with Capital One. Once I get the confirmation and I'll share the updates.
  17. JoshP

    Simply Railway Sunset Limited

    I always love his videos because of subtitles so it has a big benefit for me.
  18. JoshP

    Amtrak ReCrew/Fuel Stop List

    oh my that is great i didnt know about that, cool find!
  19. JoshP

    Amtrak ReCrew/Fuel Stop List

    I want to collect all routes wherever Amtrak stops for recrew/fuel. I know few routes since I rode them and I forgot about others. If do you know, please list them. Thank you. SILVER METEOR: Florence, SC AUTO TRAIN: Florence, SC SILVER STAR: I heard Columbia, SC? PALMETTO: It ends Savannah...
  20. JoshP

    Passengers allowed to walk around train while NOT in station

    Gotcha. Thanks for the heads up.