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  1. Brystar41

    Brightline Florida update

    Hi Y'all! I used Brightline yesterday going from Miami to West Palm Beach, and I have to say it's a fantastic train ride. I love the service on board, and the stations are top-notch. Also, the Siemens cars are fantastic, and I hope Amtrak orders some for its long-distance routes and keep their...
  2. Brystar41

    Ambitious restoration and transformation in the Chicago area

    Hello everyone! Also what is the recent update to this amazing news so far!
  3. Brystar41

    Ambitious restoration and transformation in the Chicago area

    Thanks for the info on the situation with the whole upgrade projects Chicago and Amtrak Midwest is going thru. Also, Note I haven't been to Chicago nor the Midwest before but I do want to make a trip there on future Amtrak trains, I do want to try out the Venture cars they have there. I was...
  4. Brystar41

    Ambitious restoration and transformation in the Chicago area

    Ahh so that explains it, so it means the P4 could possibly be that project Amtrak, Metra, and Chicago have in store with the grade separation and connections to the Air Line. Also didn't know that of NS, I thought they are working with Amtrak to improve their railway lines? Still looking forward...
  5. Brystar41

    Ambitious restoration and transformation in the Chicago area

    Also on that note since this will affect Amtrak then what about Metra and the communities it serves? How will this affect their services? Such as the Heritage Corridor that goes to Joliet?
  6. Brystar41

    Ambitious restoration and transformation in the Chicago area

    Hi everyone! I saw the recent news of the new massive plan for Chicago Union Station, and I am puzzled because isn't Chicago doing the whole CREATE project with the Railway networks of both Freight and Passenger in the Chicago metropolitan area? I know that CREATE has P4, which will be from the...
  7. Brystar41

    Writers' Residencies

    Thanks Sarah your the best thank you maybe you can meet with her she is a very cool person i know and when i saw this writers thing for Amtrak i thought of her since she is a writer thank you sarah, hopefully i can meet with all of you in my travels.
  8. Brystar41

    Writers' Residencies

    Hello everybody i know its been a long time i wanted to ask everybody about this because i have a friend of mines who is a writer but she writes about comic books (Manga) type but it still counts of writers, i want to know what can i do to help her get those free rides on Amtrak, she is a writer...
  9. Brystar41

    SEPTA's 'Doomsday Plan'

    Hello everybody i know i haven't been on this forum for sometime but here are my 2 cents on this. I seriously don't want this to happen millions and billions of people who rely on SEPTA will be in deep trouble because SEPTA cannot provide a public service which is vastly needed, the thing is...
  10. Brystar41

    Live Chat every Sunday, 7PM Eastern

    I like the Live chat thing but i want to know something though why can it be everyday when people can use it, because every Sunday seems kind of limiting you know?
  11. Brystar41

    I can apply to Amtrak using Google Chrome?

    This is very werid i tried google Chrome recently for Amtrak SAP site for employment and it worked, i am amazed how did it worked its beyond me, while the site says that google chrome and safari is not supported at this time???? I also have a Linkedin profile i updated it recently even with a...
  12. Brystar41

    Employment Perspectives at AMTRAK?

    Your welcome, remember to keep on applying, that's what i am doing and you never know, two months ago i was emailed by the MTA Long Island Railroad to take the Exams from Florida yep from Florida, so i went up to New York City by train to take the exams, i didn't pass unfortnally, but i am not...
  13. Brystar41

    Employment Perspectives at AMTRAK?

    Barciur: I am also on the path to join the Railway industry as well and yes while its not an easy field its something i want to do, i became a member of Amtrak Unlimited due to my support for Amtrak and Passenger Rail service, but also for my future Career of working for the Railways. I am a...
  14. Brystar41

    Sunset Limited (East)

    I hope that the Sunset Limited gets extended again but once they do start extension maybe extending it to Jacksonville is the best shot then sending it back to Orlando, since there seems to be a battle of this. Or maybe introduce a Daily Service and give it a unique name to the panhandle of...
  15. Brystar41

    Amtrak Shutdown in Boston

    My condolences to those victims of this attack, but at the same time we cannot let these terroists win, we cannot live in fear, this is a tragedy yeah but we have to step on our two feets and continue on with our lives, Goals and Dreams cannot be stopped over one Terrorist attack. So go if you...
  16. Brystar41

    Hoosier State in Jeopardy

    Even if its a red state I think its still stupid they are doing that don't people want better access to places like employment, family, vacations and such why elimate a mode of transport that gives access to the people, what about people who are afraid of flying and can't drive?
  17. Brystar41

    Hoosier State in Jeopardy

    This is just sad right when we are expanding Rail service Indiana wants it gone why in the heck would they do that, Don't they care of the people using Amtrak and other services. What is wrong with Indiana why would they want to take out Hooiser state? this is just stupid.
  18. Brystar41

    The Pennsylvanian Lives!

    Huh but thats werid? I heard a study of electrification past Harrisburg that there was some money funded for a study i wonder what happened to that study? It was just in these last couple of years very recent. I believe electrification will bring big benefits to the pennsylvian since its a...
  19. Brystar41

    The Pennsylvanian Lives!

    Finally yes it got resolved thank the lord and lets play the Song "We are the champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (i waves my hands and arms up in the air). This is great that they resolved the issue about time i am very happy of this, hopefully they will expand the route by including more trains, and also...
  20. Brystar41

    What is the difference between a Lead Service Attendant and a Train Se

    Ohhhh!!!!!!, Ok LSA handles payments and TSA serves as well but are much more restricted. Another thing are both TSA and LSA go into the different Coach, Superliner and Sleeper cars as well or is that something else?