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    Ideas for Amtrak to raise revenue

    LAX Union Station has a large area, and probably other spaces, that could be used for special events. The area that I am thinking of has been used as a movie set. I have posted this before and I am going to post it again. Keep the Cafe/Lounge car open longer hours and during long stays at a...
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    Menus on Planes

    Those are very good sounding items. And, creative offerings as well. Thanks for posting this,
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    What is needed for better maintained equipment and on time Amtrak service?

    I voted all of the above. In the "other" category, I would add better management and more training for the on board service personnel. Returning a Chief of On-Board Service would be helpful as well.
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    Is restoration of the National Limited feasible?

    Not sure that Cincinnati was on the route of the National Limited.
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    Amtrak dining

    An Amtrak executive taking reservation calls? This seems a bit unusual. Doesn't this person have anything better to do?
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    Is restoration of the National Limited feasible?

    Why is there any discussion of the restoration of the National Limited through Ohio? It isn't going to happen in my lifetime. Efforts must be placed on the 3C+D plan for my State to benefit. Frittering any lobbying, etc. for anything else is counterproductive to establishing new Amtrak...
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    Silver from NC to FL and back, end July/early August 2022

    Your assumption may not be correct. Management ought to determine why there is a shortage of mattresses. Is someone stealing them?
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    Pittsburgh - New York round trip 8/6 to 8/7 2022

    An interesting read and using bullet points is a good idea. Easier to read that long paragraphs. Thanks for posting it.
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    Midwest Rail Plan Final Report

    I agree. Emphasis must be placed on getting the 3C+D plan adopted and work started on accomplishing that. Locally, there is no interest in a Dayton-Indianapolis route. The interest is in what the 3C+D proposes for potential economic reasons and to help with present and future traffic...
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    Amtrak dining

    I have tried the terra chips. but, I usually thought the potato chips served were lame. Either a cheap brand or they were stale. Once in awhile, they were satisfactory, but, not as good as some major national brands or my local made brand.
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    Overnight roomette travel with child under 2

    How do you respond to her question? Maybe: "Are you paying?" 😄
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    Car rental at Boston-Logan Airport

    The warmer ocean water is also causing issues for the fishing industry, I understand.
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    Pacific Surfliner BC will not have complimentary access to Metropolitan Lounge as of 7/15/22

    One would think after 41 years, she would know what the policy is.
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    Lounge cars & Parlor cars of the past

    PRR in the 1950's had a car that had Sections in part of the car with a small lounge/pantry in the rest of the car. The car was designed to be used at the end of a consist or could be attached to the train with access to the other cars through a door at the end of the lounge. It was a Pullman...
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    A round trip on the Vermonter. A Scenic Gem

    This is a train trip I would like to take. And, it would get me to Vermont, a state that I have yet to visit.
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    Longest flight experiences

    My longest flight was from Singapore to San Francisco with a brief (1 hr) stop in Hong Kong to change crew, resupply, and refuel. Singapore Airlines 777 in Business Class; nice plane and good service. I almost had a mis-adventure during the stop in Hong Kong. Everyone had to get off the plane...
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    Menus on Planes

    The two reports make for interesting reading. I am impressed given the recent reports about AA. Do not care for the 2-4-2 seating, but, I realize that is what one is going to find in this Class of service.
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    Menus on Planes

    Thanks for your post and the pictures. The meals certainly look appetizing and the plating of the food is well done. Even the fruit dish looked very attractive.
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    Amtrak dining

    You are making too much sense for some Amtrak executives. The way to increase revenue is to sell a product that people want and make it available to the largest number of potential customers as possible. It doesn't take a person with a MBA to know that.
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    Menus on Planes

    That most certainly is not First Class dining plating! A chef in a smart casual restaurant would be embarrassed to have what he/she prepared was plated in such a sloppy manner.