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    Train tips for fat guys

    I'm 6'4" and 345 lbs. I had a roomette on 3 western legs of a journey earlier in the summer. I had no problem with the space or bed in the roomette, although I was traveling solo. I'm not sure I would have wanted to get up on the top bunk. I was able to sit in a booth in the dining car, but...
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    CZ and SWC sleepers removed (downgraded to coach)

    While away on vacation this week, I received an unsolicited email from Amtrak with a new receipt for my trip in late October. I didn't have time to review the details until today. There was no letter explaining any changes. Just a new receipt with ticket details. I guess I'm one of the lucky...
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    Roomette 20

    I was in car 540, which was the Transdorm Sleeper on the California Zephyr at the end of June. I was in Roomette #21. I rather liked the room and location. We had our own dedicated room attendant. We had morning coffee and ample bottled water in our car. Using the diagram above, Cabins...
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    Buying UK train tickets from the US

    Intersting timing. I was just reading up on that journey on seat61 yesterday. I'm in the preliminary stages (researching) of putting a trip to Ireland and Scotland together for next Spring and thought the Rail & Sail leg might be a fun way to start the trip. I hope you enjoy your trip.
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    California Zephyr: consist?

    Going west, the most common opinion I have seen is that looking out the north side is best. However, you don't get to pick a room based on facing north or south. The car can be turned either direction on the actual train. It can vary daily (but probably doesn't). It is a roll of the dice...
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    Empire Builder questions

    When I checked in some bags on a trip a few weeks ago, the agent in Seattle told me I could check them in 24 hours before my trip. I checked my big bag and only kept a small gym bag with what I needed for that leg of the trip with me.
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    Amtrak delays

    I don't know the reasons, but from the tracking site, it looks like they were over 5 hours late starting the trip leaving Emeryville. They then lost another 6 hours somewhere between Glenwood Springs and Granby, Colorado. Looks like most of the delay is from these 2 "events".
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    Single traveler here. Took my first 3 trips a few weeks ago. I tipped $10 per night in a sleeper. I tipped $5 per meal. I tipped $1 when I bought a diet coke in the cafe. Nice round numbers.
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    Empire Builder questions

    On one of the legs of my last trip, I think it was on the Empire Builder, a roomette was freed up at a stop where another couple was boarding into that same room. The attendant just said "I haven't had a chance to change your room yet, would you mind waiting here for a moment". They were just...
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    California Zephyr: dinner seating/stop times?

    Yep. Many of your stops will be like that. The ones that show actual time stopped are usually where there is a crew change And/or a refuel stop. While they are doing that, passengers can get off for fresh air, to smoke, or just to stretch the legs. You don’t usually have time to venture far.
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    Empire Builder questions

    I was in Roomette 11 in the 830 car last week with no issues.
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    Price buckets for trip summer 2023?

    I was able to find "low bucket" prices for a roomette on the Southwest Chief and California Zephyr with a booking made on June 22nd for a trip starting October 26th. So right about the 4-month out point. I snagged them while they were still there. I just checked pricing for the same dates and...
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    Empire Builder questions

    I just left the California Zephyr yesterday after riding from Chicago to Emeryville. The observation car was very fill for extended periods during the most scenic parts of the journey. After about 2 hours climbing the Rockys out of Denver, the Conductor asked anyone who had been sitting there...
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    California Zephyr reservations

    The most recent posts being commented on (poster = Rizla Ronnie) were added to this thread today. They are traveling on the CZ in August 2022. So the comments above are relevant at this time. But Rizla Ronnie is not the original poster (OP) of this thread.
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    California Zephyr reservations

    Roomette 3 would be on the upper deck of the Superliner car. The link below shows you the layout of various cars.
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    Long Distance Train Coach & Sleeper Fares (Buckets)

    I also just took advantage of low buckets in the fall. I just booked Southwest Chief from CHI to LAX, Coast Starlight from LAX to EMY, and California Zephyr from EMY to CHI. Dates are 10/26 to 11/1. Roomettes for all 3 segments. Low bucket pricing for the long segments. I didn't pay...
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    Long Distance Train Coach & Sleeper Fares (Buckets)

    October 18th has roomettes for $804 right now. That’s the only date I tried in October.
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    Nice Article on the Coast Starlight

    Tip to try when faced with a website that wants you to pay to read an article. Try viewing the page using your browser’s “reader mode”. I’m not sure if all browsers have it. Apple‘s Safari does and you can enter the mode with a button click. Reader mode strips out all the added garbage often...
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    Nice Article on the Coast Starlight

    The second link works for me. I had to turn my adblocker off to see it, but that’s common. T hanks for sharing it.
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    Nice Article on the Coast Starlight

    The link requires you to create an account to view the article. I can’t tell if it is free to read or not.