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  1. texline

    TSA morning in Emeryville (8/31/18)

    Homeland Security showed up this morning in Emeryville. They seemed very interested in the two capital corridor trains. They photographed it and people coming off. They took off after the trains departed. I wonder what they are up to.
  2. texline

    Trip Report The Canadian #2 Prestige Class

    I had prepared a write up, I had to condense it down from the report I gave my club, and had thought to myself I should post this soon. I then read an excellent trip report on the forum yesterday and decided not to essentially give you all a repeat. I would just comment that it was the very...
  3. texline

    Trip report: San Antonio

    Thank you for all the planning information. It really helped. San Antonio was a lot of fun. We had no idea we were catching the end of the 300th anniversary. The Riverwalk was just packed with people and it was just loads of fun and I was surprised we didn’t see anyone fall into the river. The...
  4. texline

    SWC loading passengers via the lounge car

    A first for me. The SWC stop at La Plata. The passengers were boarded through the SSL Never saw that before. A couple of people got off the coach behind the SSL during the stop. Sent from my iPad using Amtrak Forum
  5. texline

    Trip planning - San Antonio

    We are putting together a trip to San Antonio at the end of April. My wife didn’t want to get in just before dawn (coming eastbound) so to make the time work a bit better, we will fly one segment and arrive via American Airlines. She wants to do the river walk so we narrowed down three hotels on...
  6. texline

    SMART train vs Pedestrian

    The SMART train struck a woman this morning. In Santa Rosa (CA) at Hearn Ave. It is reported as a fatality. This is the first time for the new SMART. Not many details. It will be interesting to see the local reaction. SMART did an outstanding job with public education. Sent from my iPad using...
  7. texline

    Shuttle from Maricopa to Phoenix

    I visit family in the Phoenix area and have used the Flagstaff connection from the SWChief. When I learned the connection was available from Maricopa, I decided to try it. The problem I had was booking it through Amtrak. From the west bound Sunset Limited it was no problem. For the eastbound...
  8. texline

    So Cal 101 reopens

    On ABC7. Firefighters packing up, freeway opened and tracks being inspected. No idea on when trains will run. Sent from my iPad using Amtrak Forum
  9. texline

    Planning our trip on the Canadian

    I have been reading about this train and wanted to take the trip from Toronto to Vancouver in prestige class. Several friends have joined in so now I ready to book. I have read through forums and I note that lots of post regarding delays. I find all kinds of information but I haven’t found a...
  10. texline

    Bus from Maricopa to Phoenix

    We have a trip planned to Phoenix and we are traveling east bound on the Sunset Limited. I saw they added a bus connection so I called Amtrak to set up the reservation. The agent said she couldn't book the bus segment. I tried a couple other agents and got the same answer. The last agent said...
  11. texline

    Starlight 7 hour delay - waiting for a bus? (8/21)

    I heard 11 was delayed because it was waiting for a connecting bus. I have read here many times Amtrak will only wait so long so I was surprised that was the reason. Does Amtrak have a time frame on bus connections? Thanks.
  12. texline

    Trying to modify a trip. Glad I had forum knowledge.

    I booked our Thanksgiving trip to Irvine early this year. Pleased with myself for getting the best fares. And then yesterday I got word event has been moved to Phoenix. I wasn't sure how it would go but I called the member select number. I asked if it could be done and the rep said sure, not a...
  13. texline

    Sorry this seat reserved.

    Going over the Sierra's. People want to sit in SSL. This lady keeping many people from sitting "sorry this seat reserved". A few of them in here today, never fails.
  14. texline

    Changing diapers in the SSL

    Little babies are great however I disagree with using the SSL tables as a changing station. Sorry just me.
  15. texline

    Baseball parks by train - Safeco checked off

    Our latest ball park adventure was to Safeco Park in Seattle from EMY. We arrived in Emeryville and waited for the 14. When the capital corridor trains started to pass the station, I suspected the starlight was delayed in Oakland doing some switching. The CS pulled into the station and sure...
  16. texline

    Breakdown on 14 just past Klamath (6/5-6)

    We are dead stopped with a problem with a private car. Scanner traffic says air brake problem. HEP shut off a couple times during repair. Oh well, here is the view
  17. texline

    Napa Valley Wine Train resort
  18. texline

    Emeryville to Denver to Emeryville

    My wife and I scheduled a trip to Denver to add to our visit of Major League Ballparks the last part of April. We headed out from Sonoma County bright and early. The commute traffic was surprising light. We made good time to Emeryville and the only traffic hitch at all was we needed to circle...
  19. texline

    Heading west on CZ 5

    Beautiful morning in Denver. We are on time. To the question do they serve breakfast on departure the answer today is yes. Great crew today.
  20. texline

    Heading out on CZ 6

    First trip out this year. Was surprised by traffic detour for the new parking garage but not a problem getting a parking spot. A little delayed now by getting underway at 9:25