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  1. fredevad

    Superliner Roomette with 2 people and CPAP machine

    I will be traveling soon in a superliner roomette with my partner who needs to use a CPAP. Does anyone have any experience with where to put the CPAP machine when in sleeping configuration? All I can envision is to put the CPAP on the top step to the upper berth, but I'll need that step to get...
  2. fredevad

    Hiawatha Service, stuck with Horizons?

    Just wondering if anyone has heard what's next, if anything, for the Hiawatha consist. Are there any plans to replace the Horizon equipment, or did Wisconsin blow it when it thumbed it's nose at Talgo and we're stuck them? <vent> Soon after Wisconsin's announcement to not go with the Talgos...
  3. fredevad

    Amtrak Dome View from Hiawatha on Thanksgiving Day

    Here are some Dome view videos from a round trip Milwaukee to Chicago on Hiawathas 334 and 335 on Thanksgiving Day. I'm planning on posting the full hour and a half videos to my YouTube account (announcement here only) sometime in the next few weeks, the most interesting parts here are the end...
  4. fredevad

    Ocean View on Hiawathas 11/26-28/13

    I heard from someone today that the great Dome car will be operating on the Hiawatha line between Chicago and Milwaukee next week Mon, Nov 25 to Thu, Nov 28. I did a light search on Amtrak's web site, but was unable to confirm. However, I trust the source. Here's the schedule I was given: Mon...
  5. fredevad

    What's going on southside Chicago bridge 371/49/351?

    I was tracking 49 this morning waiting for the arrival of my sister in law and see that 371, 49, and 351 are all stopped backed up at the bridge on the south side of Chicago (sorry, I don't remember the name of the bridge). It looks like 365 is about to suffer the same fate. Anyone know what's...
  6. fredevad

    Issues booking through Amtrak Web Site?

    Has anyone ever gotten a "DENIED" error when trying to book travel for someone else from Amtrak's web site? I received this error message this morning when trying to make payment. I was finally able to get 1 reservation to work, but not a second and ended up using the mobile app to get it...
  7. fredevad

    Return Home From Gathering V (Seattle) - Empire Builder SEA to Shining

    Yes, I know it's been a few years... I finally got the footage edited and I'm not one for journaling. A few AU'ers were on the same train - you might hear them if you listen closely... Part 1 - Empire Builder Seattle to Wenatchee 10/10/11 October 11, 2013: The Amtrak Empire Builder #8 leaves...
  8. fredevad

    On Board Upgrades - No Longer Low Bucket

    Hi All, Sorry if this has already been discussed - I know I've been scarce lately, so I searched but didn't see anything... I was just talking with a conductor on today's Zephyr 6, a nice fellow on the Salt Lake City crew, and was told that on board upgrades are no longer low bucket. They are...
  9. fredevad

    Late trains vs. Arrival Board

    While sitting here in Chicago waiting on 49 LSL to arrive, I noticed that is saying it will arrive at 10:31am vs. the electronic arrival board in the gate area that says it will arrive at 10:40am. Why is there a difference? Does the glass house control the arrival board and have...
  10. fredevad

    Anniversary Engine in Chicago

    Just arrived in Chicago for a points run/meet the sister-in-law. And saw an Anniversary Engine parked back to back with a lead P42 on track 14 in the south terminal. It was hard to see with the glare, but I think it was #145. Sorry, couldn't get a picture - again, there was so much glare you...
  11. fredevad

    More Pictures from Gathering 5

    Back from a great time in Seattle. I also have video from day 1, but that will come later. Misc Portland Day Sky Tram Bainbridge Ferry Ride Space Needle This is the first time I've used Picasa - let me know if there are any issues.
  12. fredevad

    Amtrak Ride 2010: Texas Eagle, Extended Scenes

    These are the "Extended Scenes" for the Blu-Ray from my 2010 ride on the Texas Eagle from October 25th - 28th from Chicago, IL to San Antonio, TX and back to Chicago. They are pretty much the raw footage strung together without any editing or soundtrack, but represent the trip in a more...
  13. fredevad

    Minneapolis Hiawatha

    Had the chance today to ride Minneapolis' Hiawatha line from Mall Of America (while the kids shopped) all the way to Target Field and back. Nice ride, I wish Milwaukee had something like this.
  14. fredevad

    Bergbahn (Mountain Train) Königstuhl, Germany

    From a recent trip to Germany... Also known as the Heidelberger Bergbahn or Königstuhlbahn, this funicular railway runs from Molkenkur to the top of the mountain at Königstuhl (King seat). A separate lower section runs from Molkenkur to Heidelberg Castle and Heidelberg. Not having a chance...
  15. fredevad

    Amtrak Ride 2010: Texas Eagle Day 4 STL - CHI

    October 28, 2010: Day 4 (Part 1) of my Amtrak 2010 Texas Eagle excursion. A beautiful morning dawns as the Texas Eagle rests and gets fuel at platform A in St. Louis, MO on the last day of the trip. There is plenty of time to walk around on the platform and the foot bridge as a BNSF coal comes...
  16. fredevad

    Digging out my old Amtrak Trainset

    Just had to share this. I'm not a model railroader, Santa brought this to me as a toy when I was a kid sometime around 1977 or 1978. After over 25 years and countless moves, I finally pulled out my old Amtrak HO scale Tyco trainset to use as a display on my desk. I was amazed that I found in...
  17. fredevad

    Ringling Bros and Barnum & Baily Train Spotted

    A co-worker of mine that has an office in Apex, NC next to the tracks (I get to hear the trains go by when we have conference calls) caught the circus train go by and snapped a couple of photos for me. He figures it was headed to Raleigh, NC for shows that start on Wednesday.
  18. fredevad

    Amtrak Ride 2010: Texas Eagle Day 3 SAS - LVW

    October 27, 2010: Day 3 of my Amtrak 2010 Texas Eagle excursion. After a foggy start in San Antonio, TX, my return trip begins in bedroom E and morning clouds riding through San Marcos, TX, and crossing the Colorado river. After a crew change stop and our engineer Mark leaves us in Ausin, the...
  19. fredevad

    Amtrak Ride 2010: Texas Eagle Day 2 MHL - SAS

    This trip was an overnight turn trip from Milwaukee, WI to San Antonio, TX aboard the Texas Eagle in a roomette and bedroom. Although I spent the day after I returned making detailed notes, I lost them in a hard drive crash. Since my notes are gone, here is day 2 in video: Marshal, TX to San...
  20. fredevad

    Amtrak Ride 2010: Texas Eagle Day 1 MKE-STL

    This trip was an overnight turn trip from Milwaukee, WI to San Antonio, TX aboard the Texas Eagle in a roomette and bedroom. Although I spent the day after I returned making detailed notes, I lost them in a hard drive crash. Since my notes are gone, here is day 1 in video: Milwaukee, WI to St...