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    Need to buy a diner car

    I have a customer for whom I just renovated his corporate office. His property is part of the old US in Jackson, TN. He would like to have a diner car serve as his break/lunch room for his staff. Anyone know where I could buy a diner car to renovate? I have looked at the ones at...
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    Cross Country Trip - What to do in FLG, Baggage Issue, Introduce Teens

    In a week or so my wife, daughter and her friend (both 20) and I will be taking a cross country trip NBN-CHI-FLG-LAX-NOL-NBN. We will be traveling in adjacent (across the hall) roomettes. We took a similar trip in the summer of 2014 that being NBN-CHI-(via EB)-SEA-LAX-FLG-SFW-(via CZ)-CHI-NBN...
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    Amtrak Service Standards Manual Ver 9

    Does anyone know where I can access a copy of the Amtrak Service Standards Manual version 9? I need to verify I can book 4 in a bedroom (non-berth service) from nol to nbn before I call an agent to book the trip.
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    CZ broke down between Colfax and Truckee.

    CZ broke down between Colfax and Truckee. Trying to get Union Pacific to send locomotive loaner. ChrisR
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    Coast Starlight hits car a few minutes ago (6/7)

    Good news, it appears nobody is hurt. Train delayed for investigation.
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    Coast Starlight Bedroom Suite turns to Bustitution

    We have an AGR trip coming up in a few days as follows: Leg 1 NBN to CHI via CONO CHI to SEA via EB Leg 2 SEA to LAX via CS LAX to FLG via SWC Leg 3 FLG to SFC via SWC/CS/Bus Leg 4 SFC to CHI via Bus/CZ CHI to NBN via CONO These four legs were booked on one reservation using AGR...
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    Quik-Trak Scan vs eTicket

    We have a MULTI-CITY trip coming up in a few weeks as follows: NBN-CHI-SEA-LAX-FLG-LAX-OAK-SFF-SFW-EMY-CHI. There are 3 of us, myself, wife and daughter. Friday there were three emails sent from Amtrak (I assume they were sent to all three of us as I listed my email for all three contacts)...
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    Late CONO (2/7)

    Anyone know what is going on with The City of New Orleans? She is 6 hours late and not to Jackson MS yet. She typically has a good on time record.